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Joe has worked in the financial services industry since 1992 in various capacities, including Operations Manager, Compliance Manager, Registered Representative and Portfolio Manager. From 1997 to 2006, when he founded Alhambra Investment Management, Mr. Calhoun was a Director of ... more

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Tactical Update: Uncertainty Abounds
There is an extreme amount of uncertainty right now. Part of that is due to the upcoming election. But the uncertainty extends further than just the election.
EC Uh Oh, The Dollar Has Caught A Bid
The dollar has been in a short term downtrend since the spike and peak in the heart of the COVID panic back in March.
Monthly Market Monitor – August 2020
US stocks surged over the last month, with growth indices leaving their value counterparts in the dust… again.
EC Monthly Macro Monitor – August 2020
The stock market rarely makes sense if you compare it to the economy of right now.
A Tactical Update: Whither Goest The Dollar
The most important factors for asset allocation are growth and the trend of the dollar. The uncertainty around those two variables these days is not unprecedented, but the only other comparable time was 2008.
Monthly Market Monitor – July 2020
Given all that has happened in the 4 months since the virus started to seriously impact the global economy, it is amazing how little the long-term market trends have changed.
EC Monthly Macro Monitor – June 2020
The stock market has recovered most of its losses from the March COVID-19 induced sell-off and the enthusiasm with which stocks are being bought – and sold but mostly bought – could lead one to believe that the crisis is over.
We Have Reached The Silly Phase Of The Bull Market
Have we entered a new bull market? Was the 35% pullback in the S&P 500 in March the fastest bear market in history?
Beware Of Accepted Wisdom
Most everyone has heard of the Chinese proverb – or curse – that wishes one to live in “interesting times”.
EC Market Vs Economy: A Time Mismatch
The economic news over the last month has been as awful as anyone alive has ever seen.
Do We Need A “New” Capitalism?
Everyone, or at least all the right-thinking people, believes that capitalism needs to be reformed.
OPEC + Reality
The timeline for recovery in the oil market was obviously overly optimistic. Markets now have to price in something that takes longer; a more drawn-out affair.
The Dichotomy Of Market Sentiment
How the global economy will change as a result of COVID-19 is not something we can know for sure at this point but it will change. And no matter what the government response, it will take time to transition to whatever the new normal turns out to be.
Regime Change
Stocks took another beating last week as the scope of the coronavirus shutdown started to sink in.
A Week We’ll Never Forget
Last week was one of the worst weeks in the history of the US stock market. Thursday’s plunge was the worst one-day loss other than the crash of 1987.
EC Is This The Beginning Of A Recession?
With the new coronavirus still spreading and a collapse in oil prices threatening the entire shale oil industry, recession is now the expected outcome.
1 to 16 of 180 Posts
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