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Weekly Market Pulse: Perception Vs. Reality
It is ironic too that the provision of fiscal largesse during COVID may have finally pushed the economy to a tipping point. With help wanted signs everywhere, labor appears to have finally gained the upper hand.
Weekly Market Pulse: Inflation Scare?
Bonds sold off again last week with the yield on the 10-year Treasury closing over 1.6% for the first time since early June. The yield is now down just 16 basis points from the high of 1.76% set on March 30.
Weekly Market Pulse: The Bond Selloff
This video talks about last week’s rise in bond yields and what it means for the markets.
Weekly Market Pulse: Zooming Out
The current economic environment remains the same – falling growth and rising dollar – although the falling growth part of that may need updating soon.
Weekly Market Pulse: Not So Evergrande
US stocks sold off last Monday due to fears over the potential – likely – failure of China Evergrande, a real estate developer that has suddenly discovered the perils of leverage.
Weekly Market Pulse: Time For A Taper Tantrum?
We are about to run a real world economic experiment in the US labor market. Expanded unemployment benefits have now expired and we are about to find out what impact that has on the jobs market. Reports say there are plenty of jobs available.


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Keystone Comes A Cropper
4 years ago

I question the very first assumption in that infographic. Unless oil prices remain high there is no economic reason to mine tar sands in Alberta. It is expensive, dirty oil. Is it economic at $45? I have my doubts. And if it isn't, there is no reason for the pipeline. Having said that, if Trans-Canada wants to build it with their own funds, let'em. If it fails their shareholders will pay the price.

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