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Each week, well over a million readers turn to John Mauldin to better understand Wall Street, global markets, and the drivers of the world economy. And for good reason. John is a noted financial expert, a New York Times best-selling author, a pioneering online commentator, and the publisher of one ...more


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Debt Debacle Costs $1 Billion Per Day
The debt ceiling debate has been reduced to a political fight between the parties. But the ramifications of the debt standoff are already being felt in the debt markets, and it is costing billions of dollars.
Bank Failures And The Return Of MBS
Mortgage-backed securities seem to pop up every time there is a bank failure.
The PoV Revolution - How Companies Are Boosting Profits By Raising Prices
So long as companies can press prices higher with minimal impact on sales volume, the Fed will find it hard to bring down inflation.
The World Is Out Of Balance
The disruptive changes that were already rewiring the economy, geopolitics, and US culture accelerated over the past 3 years, and a predictable backlash began. But we are nowhere close to a “new normal.”
A Return To Normal
A discussion about the markets returning to normal, the Fed's big mistake in 2020, and the prospect for interest rate cuts in 2023.
Forecast For The 2023 Economy
We all want to know what this year will bring. A discussion about inflation, if the tech stocks are a buy, and why a “mild and shallow recession” isn’t necessarily a good thing.
A Decade Of Roller Coaster Markets
A discussion of how the unstable geopolitical landscape is disrupting supply chains and setting markets up for dramatic changes and how to navigate the coming decade of roller coaster markets.
Pro Investor: "The Bear Market Ended In June"
A discussion about what drives a stock’s price on any given day and the popular asset class you should be avoiding if you are an individual investor.
Price Divorced From Value
Fear is dominating greed right now which presents a huge opportunity for savvy investors.
Serious Threats To Global Markets
A discussion about the risk of sovereign debt crises, why Jerome Powell must drive a stake through the heart of inflation, and the massive disconnect between ESG policies and global energy needs.
Dawn Of A New Bull Market
A discussion about the Fed’s mixed-message press conference, what Powell’s comments really mean, and how sentiment trading works in practice.
A Stagflation Storm
A discussion about the trifecta of trends that caused the current inflationary environment, why an economic slowdown won’t cure inflation, and the three sectors every investor should own today.
A Toxic Brew For Pension Funds
A discussion of why the UK bond market might be a threat to the global financial system, why the global repricing of interest rates is hitting the world like a wrecking ball, and what happens when pension funds get margin calls.
Mortgage Rates Headed To Below 5%
A discussion about mortgage rates, and why they’ll soon drop to below 5%, how limited home inventory will impact the US real estate market for years to come.
Global Crop Yields Have Plateaued
Ed D'Agostino talks with economist and agriculture expert Dan Basse of AgResource about climate change, "peak farmland," China and more.
Uh-Oh! - Global Macro Update With Ed D'Agostino And John Mauldin
In this episode, Ed D’Agostino and John Mauldin, co-founder of Mauldin Economics, discuss the most challenging environment for investors in years, the shifting global landscape, the likelihood of the Fed engineering a “soft landing” and more.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts