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Each week, well over a million readers turn to John Mauldin to better understand Wall Street, global markets, and the drivers of the world economy. And for good reason. John is a noted financial expert, a New York Times best-selling author, a pioneering online commentator, and the publisher of one ...more


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Are We On A Collision Course With China?
The heart of the issue here isn’t Taiwan, but China’s ambitions to dominate the Eastern Hemisphere, both economically and militarily… and then use that dominance to challenge the US from a position of even greater strength
No One Sees The Good Stuff Happening
Good stuff is happening. GDP is up 3% over last year. Unemployment is low at 3.7%. Inflation has dropped from 7.11% this time last year to 3.14%. And the S&P 500 is up 23% year to date.
Brushfires Everywhere
The US is backing multiple wars. Recession fears are rising. There’s turmoil in the bond markets. Economist A is calling for a soft landing. Economist B is calling for a market crash. 
Why Uranium Prices Are Skyrocketing
Uranium provides fuel for nuclear reactors. Unlike other clean energy sources such as wind or solar, nuclear can provide baseload energy 24/7.
It Started With A Mini Tire/Poultry Trade War
A few short years ago, the US was content to rely on Chinese manufacturing because China built good products on the cheap. Then COVID-era supply chain breakdowns highlighted the folly of depending on our prime adversary.
Undeniably The Most Important Question Right Now
In today's podcast we'll be speaking about China’s so-called economic crisis, the Fed’s unspoken third mandate, and “the real story of the summer.”
Are Uranium Bulls Too Early To The Party?
A discussion about nuclear energy’s “green” makeover, the private support Bill Gates is pouring into nuclear development, and whether uranium bulls are too early to the party.
Rates, Housing, Inflation, And Zombies
Housing inflation is based on rent, not on home prices. Rents have dropped over the past year, and the supply of new units set to hit the market could keep rent increases in check.
Who Benefits At The End Of A Rate Hiking Cycle?
When inflation spiked last year, companies responded by raising their prices. As price pressures started to ease, companies opted to prioritize pricing over volume. It was a fairly broad-based trend.
ESG: Trillions Squandered And Zero Progress
The envisioned benefits of ESG investing, owning companies that follow responsible environmental, social, and governance policies, have failed to materialize.
Debt Debacle Costs $1 Billion Per Day
The debt ceiling debate has been reduced to a political fight between the parties. But the ramifications of the debt standoff are already being felt in the debt markets, and it is costing billions of dollars.
Bank Failures And The Return Of MBS
Mortgage-backed securities seem to pop up every time there is a bank failure.
The PoV Revolution - How Companies Are Boosting Profits By Raising Prices
So long as companies can press prices higher with minimal impact on sales volume, the Fed will find it hard to bring down inflation.
The World Is Out Of Balance
The disruptive changes that were already rewiring the economy, geopolitics, and US culture accelerated over the past 3 years, and a predictable backlash began. But we are nowhere close to a “new normal.”
A Return To Normal
A discussion about the markets returning to normal, the Fed's big mistake in 2020, and the prospect for interest rate cuts in 2023.
Forecast For The 2023 Economy
We all want to know what this year will bring. A discussion about inflation, if the tech stocks are a buy, and why a “mild and shallow recession” isn’t necessarily a good thing.
1 to 16 of 26 Posts