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Jeff Nielson is a business writer from Vancouver, Canada who covers markets and the economy. With an academic background in economics and law, he provides a unique perspective in economic trends and market opportunities.

In covering markets, Jeff has worked with over 100 public ... more


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Leviathan Gold Accelerates Drilling On High-Grade Gold Properties
Leviathan Gold is deploying a second drill rig to its high-grade Avoca gold property, near the world-class Fosterville Gold Mine in Australia. Investors take note.
Mind Cure Tackles Mental Health Crisis On Two Fronts
As the Mental Health Crisis intensifies, one psychedelic drug company has recently been forging ahead on both treatment and health-and-wellness initiatives to address this Crisis.
The Strange Story Of A Murdered Banker...
Beginning roughly 5 years ago; we suddenly saw a long series of suspicious deaths of bankers. Officially, these deaths were all "suicides" -- bankers who supposedly chose to end their lives, in most cases by jumping off of a high building.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts