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Jeff Nielson is a business writer from Vancouver, Canada who covers markets and the economy. With an academic background in economics and law, he provides a unique perspective in economic trends and market opportunities.

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The Mental Health Crisis
Two pandemics are currently afflicting the planet. While our governments focus on the smaller one (COVID-19), the larger one (the Mental Health Crisis) is rapidly spiralling out of control.
Psychedelic Stocks Primed For Atai-MindMed Bounce
It's now looking like the atai Life Sciences IPO and the MindMed uplisting to the Nasdaq could occur within weeks of each other. We point out what that means for investors in psychedelic stocks.
Hard Numbers On The Huge Potential Of Psychedelic Drug Development
Drug development is expensive. It is also extremely lucrative. We take a close look at this revenue potential.
Cashed-Up Psychedelic Stocks Well Prepared For Adverse Market Conditions
Psychedelic stocks are cash-rich and well positioned to explode higher out of the current trough.
The COVID Conundrum For Psychedelic Stocks
The COVID pandemic is (indirectly) making the psychedelic drug industry a much more attractive investment opportunity. The catch? It's also drowning out coverage of this emerging sector.
Traumatic Brain Injury: Six Psychedelics Companies Target $120 Billion Market
The largest single treatment market targeted by psychedelics R&D. Another area where psychedelic drugs have the potential to revolutionize medical treatment.
How Analysts Are Asleep At The Wheel Regarding Psychedelic Stocks
Market analysts missed badly on many of their cannabis stock forecasts. Now these same analysts appear to be asleep at the wheel regarding the potential of psychedelic stocks.
Psychedelic Drug Development Or Clinics: Which Is The Better Path To Investor Profits?
Drug development provides investors with home-run potential. Psychedelics-assisted mental health clinics have a potential consumer base of over 1 billion patients. But which offers the greatest opportunity?
Will Court Challenges Lead To Psychedelics Legalization?
If governments don't expedite (legal) access to psychedelics-based medicine, the courts could intervene to expedite this process.
What Field Trip’s Huge Financing Tells Investors
In a rocky week for global markets – and psychedelic stocks – investors might have missed some big news.
U.S. Psychedelic Drug Legalization: Urgency Or Inertia?
Why is near-term legalization of (some) psychedelic drugs in the U.S. a legitimate possibility? Because the Mental Health Crisis is now threatening the political interests of the Dinosaurs of Congress.
Countdown To Psychedelic Stock Rally, Part 2: Sector-Wide Catalysts
Explores several sector-wide catalysts that could ignite the next rally in psychedelic drug stocks.
SKRR Strikes Major Gold Intercept On Olson Project
SKRR Exploration reported the assay results from its first drilling on the Company’s flagship Olson Gold Project. The results fall in between those two extremes.
Countdown To Psychedelic Stock Rally, Part 1: Individual Drivers
Recent sideways trading in psychedelic drug stocks could end at any time. Let's look at the individual drivers that could launch these companies into new rallies.
The Road To Psychedelics Legalization, Part 2: Psilocybin And MDMA
After 50 years of drug prohibition, psilocybin and MDMA are destined to be the first two psychedelic substances legalized for medicinal use.
Why Gold Is A Superb Investment Strategy
Thanks to central bank monetary policies, gold is in a permanent bull market. Learn why (and how) the world's ultimate Safe Haven is still a superb investment strategy.
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