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How And Why Psychedelic Drugs Can Conquer The Mental Health Crisis
3 years ago

I was a Skeptic until I did my homework. The fundamentals look strong here from almost every angle.

The 4 Best-Performing Psychedelic Stocks
3 years ago

Yes, but depending on which side of the U.S./Canada border that you live on, you might only have access to one.

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The Secret Minority
8 years ago

"Almost" like a conspiracy, Alexa? Our entire system has been perverted into a permanent wealth shake-down, with ALL of our wealth being relentlessly stolen by the oligarchs on top.

That is what "fractional-reserve banking" is all about...

The Presidential Race And A Return To The Gold Standard
8 years ago

Yes Gary, "gamed" or simply corrupted. In the case of our gold standard, it was corrupted through trying to introduce "fractional-reserve banking" (fractional-reserve FRAUD) into an Honest Money system. The moment that monetary pollution was introduced into the system, the system itself began to disintegrate. This is why it's necessary to be use a HARD gold standard. No currency/monetary cheating allowed.

The Presidential Race And A Return To The Gold Standard
8 years ago

If you have enough time, Harry, here's an answer to that question...

The Presidential Race And A Return To The Gold Standard
8 years ago

Alewis, I can't answer that directly, but the implication from the mainstream media is that he has not offered any opinions on monetary policy. This isn't surprising, since there is nothing in Trump's business background to indicate he has any clear UNDERSTANDING of monetary policy

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