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PMD Forensic Analyst with Investment Insights
Retired P.M.D. Forensic Analyst with Investment Insights in economics who created theorems being bantered about for the Austerity v. Coase Oppression Investing Demographic Winter. Write frequently to those trying to Get it Right by using Creative Options providing the Money-Math in protective ...more


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Moving Stage Right — Forensics Exposes The Election Truths In 2020
Finding all the smoking guns who have tried to stay hidden in this 2020 Presidential Election. Forensics, as I am, a retired expert in bringing the hidden to be found and exposed. AI developers use Patterns and Anomalies programmed image analysis.
What's In An FDA Fast-Track Stock Issues Like (DERM) Or (INO) You Need To Know About Too Invest?
The question, "Orphan Drug Act of 1983 Approval", whether from the FDA, or even more impressive, the World Orphan Drug Congress, together with over 50 countries, in the advancement of Clinic Development for acute and also rare medical conditions.
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