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E Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
Time to send the message for the Institutional Investors to run back into ownership--long positions, and bring the bullish goring of the short-selling bears on $INO to break their trading funds within their banks.
E The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
Optimism in the market can drive prices to lofty levels that are unsustainable and that don’t reflect the actual value of a company. The presence of short sellers in the marketplace can help to re-balance stock prices.
E It's Time To Pull The Plug On The Shorter's Or Raging Bearish Market-Maker(s)
The market safety breaker or current circuits can't stop the algorithm short-trading of an eventual bearish market crashing by the very real forces being played out.
E Finding Reasons To Take Nibbles As COVID-19 Has Covered Every Part Of Our World
The key to placing a Buy order in a market that doesn't know where it's bottom truly will rest--35%-65% market correction we feel from seeing the many technicals pointing towards.
E Getting Past China’s Coronavirus
The truest treasures of cures from deaths caused by the regular H1N1 Flu and mutations of MERS, SARS, Ebola, HIV are sometimes, deeply hidden within proof of concept/efficacy of the U.S. Patents held by the biotechnology company.
E How To Stack Up Your Winners Capturing Your Risk Reward Just Right
Professional investors have learned, you win within your trade when using the houses money. That's where this article will take the most seasoned pro and hopefully capture those and the individual investors trying to manage their own portfolios.


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Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
1 month ago

Thank you...

In this article: GSK, SNY, INO
Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
2 months ago

Notes for Friday 24, 2020 8:00p.m. Wow! Over 129 + million shares changing hands today. Never could imagine the forces of High-frequency Trader(s), and the loss of control to the upside biases of what they can’t control. The jury has come in and sent all the Threatened or Actual Class Action Suits against Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as Tweeted and broadcasted, finds on behalf of INO. PT Reminder that we still believe the $37 - $48 as Moderma, Inc., MRNA share price at PT. around $40s - $60 + near-term range. Always trade safely, with keeping your EMOTIONS AT THE TRADING DOOR, and the majority of your trades should do quite well; as its the End-Game that ultimately counts. Be safe and keep praying, as a society, especially for those helping those battling for their lives, and for those who have suffered more than we can imagine; during this China Born Novel Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic. We, Will, Survive; with keeping God always within the equations—Rebuilding Our Cities, Counties, States, our Country, and our World aa we are more closely connected then we could ever imagine.

In this article: GSK, SNY, INO
Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
2 months ago

Thank you for your incredible High-Frequency Trading Volumes today. Great entry points on the lows, which I will take advantage once the 72 hour clears the SEC 72 Hour insider trading rules seemingly broken by the actions by Citron Research Analyst, and all the law-firms who try driving down Shareholders Values as I covered within this article yesterday.

In this article: GSK, SNY, INO
Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
2 months ago

I was emailed by a few who have read the article. Hopefully it’s helping those trying to invest within INO against the backdrop, understand High-Frequency Traders, who are in this case, Short-Selling based on Citron Twitter Tweet. Our advantage is when they drive share price downward by hitting all the Buy Order Bids and then quickly must buy BACK ON THE ASK SIDE TO COVER THEIR SHORT BORROWING OF SHARES. Our trick of the trade, comes with recognizing the Block Trade indications. For myself, I keep the TotalView of all the Market Makers and the depth in liquidity on ip side and down side ranges. When this is accomplished, I automate my trade triggers to run the Buy and Sell triggers for open orders taking advantage when HFTs are quite identifiable in the increasingly higher volumes seen in your favorite charting systems. I use Point & Figure Charting as its really fined tuned in playing safely with the likes of High-Frequency folks working their Day-Trading need to cover their positions in buying back the INO shares used against those holding Long positions with INOVIO projected 1st Price Target, and then 2nd PT with dollar cost adjusted Averaging within your Long Position Entry. Remember, this one of my greatest rules of NO EMOTIONS just money math with Selling at least 50% to 75% of position when you can see the upward movement in gains equals the original dollar cost averaging of all Purchase Orders ententes, at this point you now are just in the market with the Houses or better said, Market Makers Bank Account or Cash They have within working their daily playbook on INO Share Price Trading Metric of working the markets. So, again, keeping your eyes on the prize is your secret of smartly investing in a quite volatile marketplace with the forces of economic damages wreaked by China’s Novel Coronavirus COVID19 L. Hopefully this makes sense, due in part, as they help Push share price with downward pressure, but they have a harder problem and cannot control the underlying upward pressure of many Institutional Investors, as well as Retail Investors, seeing the Great Reward v Risk in the upside for Inovio INO knowing all these High-Frequency Traders must cover their Short Trade of repaying where they borrowed these shares from Large Market Makers as what makes INO quite explosive for upward or upside momentum with, again, INO is quite ripe if PT of $26 -$36 a share in near term and much higher in achieving the second PT at $68 - $78 dollars a share. Great Swing-Trading Stock issue as Inovio offers as well as purchasing Options that are well seeing greater Open Interest on Call contracts, over the Open Interest on Put Options. Always watch your entry and protect and persevere your capital when investing in any stock securities.

In this article: GSK, SNY, INO
Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
2 months ago

NY Post Article brings greater light upon Inovio’s Vaccine efforts

In this article: GSK, SNY, INO
The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
2 months ago

We still see INO well undervalued with current discount of 43% to current trading levels for Monday April 13, 2020. Fair value currently is at $12.53

The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
2 months ago

Hi Michele,

This is partially true statement as you stated, but only to the point of how viruses love to mutate into different strains. Think about how each year, Snofio SNY, JNJ Johnson & Johnson, Roche have to tweak their Vaccine Candidates as the cocktail Just to battle the ever changing strains of the regular flu bug killing many each and every year as known as H1N1.

This will also be the case for SARS, and the Coronavirus Strains; as this pandemic has notoriously shown the inability for COVID19 to survive, for any long periods, if set airborne or on surfaces, but again, it’s abilities to lock in on the Co-Morbidly of those having already weakened health conditions, lead these infected into the ICU and a fight for their very lives. A fight or war being waged within the respiratory System with ARDS type attack, as Dr. Fauci, defines as the battle grounds.

The other areas having been identified by Dr. Fauci and other noted epidemiologists who have identified clearly; COVID19s abilities to cross over into the cerebral spinal fluid, bringing with it, the potentiality of causing Swelling within the spinal cord, and the brain.

The reasons for why the U.S. Department of Defense, gave significant funding towards INO is based along others backing the best vaccine chance of working.

What is meant by best chance of working, but not dependent upon getting those already surviving COVID19 to donate their Plasma for the life saving weapon in battle In defeating this China a Born Virus.

This is the main reason behind the highly upbeat hope’s placed with the PLASMID DNA Delivery System’s of INO Inovio Patented and licensed; abilities in getting precise Cellular Antibody Reactions sought as a significant use to protect, first, all the U.S. Forces, and the general populations of our nation and the rest of the world.

China has already been hitting on Inovio Counterpart in their own efforts as connectedness of Labs on the ground already being injected and running as approved by their counterpart of what would be the FDA for the United States.

I appreciate though you’re thoughts on what Dr. Fauci had said.

The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
2 months ago

Always keep in mind, this article deals heavily with HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING ALGORITHMS PUSHING of Borrowing of massive amount of shares into the 10s of Millions too Billions in block succession hitting every Bid Order held within our Electronic Trading Exchanges, for purchase on the way down and just as quick in locking the profits in Buying back what they borrowed at. Much lower prices.

We have our ways of tracking these huge black swans!

The average investor or financial advisors can’t even stand a Chance in not providing true fiduciary protection for the many 401ks, Pensions, and institutional held corporate investments.

Just an update for making sure I have not left out, the truest engines of described recoiled that are at play and quite Ugly Dangerous as I stated in the title of the article.

The 150 million diluted shares of #Inovio $INO is actually a bold move in securing significant capital moving forward in bringing the final stages of the deep pipeline of truly Orphaned Levrls of Life Saving Vaccines, and medical cures for several highly held Virus of HPV affecting well over 80 million and counting as the lock downs of the world brings these whom are becoming infectious with HPV to even greater numbers.

The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
3 months ago

Remember this word, especially after COVID19 is defeated, the lack of true transparency out of China will be proven with them being DUPLICITOUS in the calculated massive spread of the lethal China Coronavirus COVID19.

REMEMBER, back when all the world was in horror with the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and the DUPLICITOUS acts taken by the Saudi Arab, in which they are now having to pay huge to thousands who were affected by their being part of the Bad Actors in those well planned 9/11 as was Pearl Harbor for WW II

This is why we keep writing these series of articles bringing the connection in trying to get all this stuff right in the end, when the history books are written.

We will be commenting on some news coming out late Friday Evening on Inovio assembling another diluted offering of up to 150 million shares.

We can only currently see this action by the senior board as another funding mechanism ramping up their now changing their models of vaccines and their VGX-3100 being manufactured within the United States hedging America’s being held hostage by all drug companies manufacturing their FDA Approved drug in China or other South Asian Country’s.

Will get back with everyone Monday with calls put out towards Inovio for their response,

Keep safe and knowing with God entered into all your equations, all things become possible.

It's Time To Pull The Plug On The Shorter's Or Raging Bearish Market-Maker(s)
3 months ago

This is what the halt. On Short Selling stopping a further back pushing of stocks not held on margin calls being automatically sold

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