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PMD Forensic Analyst with Investment Insights
Retired P.M.D. Forensic Analyst with Investment Insights in economics who created theorems being bantered about for the Austerity v. Coase Oppression Investing Demographic Winter. Write frequently to those trying to Get it Right by using Creative Options providing the Money-Math in protective ...more

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The Dream Team Disruptors - Einstein's In Biopharma 2020-2021
The trends in the final months of 2020 and moving into 2021 have assembled "The Dream-Team" in saving many lives and the losses in functionalities in those infected with COVID-19 World-Wide Pandemic.
Doubling Down On China's COVID-19 Bio-Tech Disrupters
Looking for Alpha Undervalued Bio-Tech COVID-19 Disrupters.
Blockbuster SAR-CoV2 Disrupters Pre-ICU / Admitted ICU Patient Treatments & COVID-19 T-Cell Vaccine Horizon
In recent months, there has been a flurry of activity within the clinical trial sector. When all trial types are considered, there are over 400 studies exploring approaches to diagnosing, treating, or preventing COVID-19.
Staying Long Against High-Frequency Traders
Time to send the message for the Institutional Investors to run back into ownership--long positions, and bring the bullish goring of the short-selling bears on $INO to break their trading funds within their banks.
The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
Optimism in the market can drive prices to lofty levels that are unsustainable and that don’t reflect the actual value of a company. The presence of short sellers in the marketplace can help to re-balance stock prices.
It's Time To Pull The Plug On The Shorter's Or Raging Bearish Market-Maker(s)
The market safety breaker or current circuits can't stop the algorithm short-trading of an eventual bearish market crashing by the very real forces being played out.
Finding Reasons To Take Nibbles As COVID-19 Has Covered Every Part Of Our World
The key to placing a Buy order in a market that doesn't know where it's bottom truly will rest--35%-65% market correction we feel from seeing the many technicals pointing towards.
Getting Past China’s Coronavirus
The truest treasures of cures from deaths caused by the regular H1N1 Flu and mutations of MERS, SARS, Ebola, HIV are sometimes, deeply hidden within proof of concept/efficacy of the U.S. Patents held by the biotechnology company.
How To Stack Up Your Winners Capturing Your Risk Reward Just Right
Professional investors have learned, you win within your trade when using the houses money. That's where this article will take the most seasoned pro and hopefully capture those and the individual investors trying to manage their own portfolios.
World Markets Trying The Great Escape Are Taking Lessons From Harry Houdini
Look for the market correction to be short lived and the tides to rise for the rest of this fiscal year.
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