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Herb Blank is a senior quantitative analyst at ValuEngine and senior consultant and practice leader in the Global Finesse Product Strategy and Implementations Consulting Practice. He has more than 30 years of experience in financial ... more

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Consolidative Session, Even If Not Turn Around Tuesday
3 days ago

Greaat summaries on a complex global situation.  Great to read your take on thinks, Marc.

Major Asset Classes August 2022 Performance Review
2 months ago

Very good article Jim

Trustworthy Companies Offer Superior Investment Returns With Less Risk
4 months ago

Clarification that HP Inc. (Newish Ticker Symbol: HPQ, no longer HWP) is the company formerly known as Hewlett Packard Inc. and is the company in the top ten.  

HP is still the ticker symbol for Helmerich & Payne, a longtime oil service and equipment company.  That company did not make this list.

Recession Risk Rises But US Still Expected To Grow In Q2
5 months ago

Extremely well covered.  Thank you Jim Picerno.  I'm not sure that we won't get a technical recession and we'll probably weed out some companies with balance sheets too weak to survive a credit crunch.  But until supply outstrips demand, I don't see an actual classic recession with massive layoffs and an avalanche of reduced sales taking place.  Last quarter and possibly this quarter is a result of sticker shock holding off fulfillment of pent-up demand on a temporary basis.  Permanently, we should weather this storm by 2023 if not before.

Dividend-Yield Factor Offers Port In Equity Storm This Year
5 months ago

James Picerno

Absolutely correct James Picerno.  As I've written in my blog, some ETFs that have combined low volatility, high dividend yield, high solvency and relatively low valutations have actually managed positive returns year-to-date.  Very few other non-single-industry, non-derivative and non-inverse ETFs have managed to do this. 

In this article: SPY, VYM
Market Forecasts For 4th Quarter 2021 And Beyond
1 year ago

I did not list in the Tickers covered portion 3 stocks mentioned in the article with purchase recommendations: AMC Entertainment ($AMC), Intella Theraputics ($NTLA) and SolarEdge Tech. ($SEDG).  Please excuse the oversight.  All the reports are available free of charge.

In this article: QQQ, IVV, IWD, IWF, IWM, MDY, AMC, SEDG, NTLA
Deep-Value ETF Report: Wednesday, June 16
1 year ago

Terrific analysis Jim. Defining Value or Deep Value is always subject to interpretation and forensic accounting adjustments but this is a very good documentation of the overall trend this year. I just posted a blog here in TalkMarkets today on the ETFs in the Consumer Staples Sector. They are not Deep Value but is less susceptible to downturns and sudden idiosyncratic jolts.. Those fearing a market reversal rather than just a rotation while remaining invested in US Stocks may wish to check it out in my feed.

Jim, it is always a pleasure to read your updates.

Reviewing Market Signals As Warnings Increase
1 year ago

Since we're discussing seasonality and to bolster your point, Dr. Duru, September has been the worst average monthly return month of the year, so if one adopts a more defensive posture in August, maintaining it through September probably makes sense. Historically turbulent October is a more complicated issue because the turbulence has run both ways. It has been a month of crashes in some years and big upward moves in others.

In this article: SPX, VIX
1 year ago

Great commentary, Vivian. The only thing constant in life is inconstancy. The only thing constant in capital market decisions is uncertainty. Many risks abound on all sides b ut articles like this helps to focus on the most salient risks associated with the best opportunities.

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