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Herb Blank is a senior quantitative analyst at ValuEngine and senior consultant and practice leader in the Global Finesse Product Strategy and Implementations Consulting Practice. He has more than 30 years of experience in financial ... more


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Will Aerospace And Defense Stocks Continue To Flourish?
Aerospace stands out as one of the few industry sectors with a positive return other than energy and utilities. Will the next year see this trend continue or if the sector has become overpriced to the point that it will soon mean-revert?.
Potential Opportunities In Insurance Stocks/ETFs And Learning Company Stocks
A request from a colleague led to today's column. Dividend yield and value investing have been keys to wealth preservation and income accumulation ion the first 11 months of 2011. A quick screen led to highlighting a few companies and ETFs .
Between Blackrock And A Hard Place
Blackrock has been attacked by conservative state officials of promoting "woke" promoting "radical" ESG investing ideas while being attacked by purist ESG proponents for still providing asset management services that invest in carbon-based fuels.
Communications Services: Meta Vs. AT&T
Comparing the stocks of two IT-focused companies, Meta and Activision Blizzard alongside the two largest telecommunications companies AT&T and T-Mobile US.
Opportunities In Large Cap Growth And Small Cap
The third quarter was true "a tale of two eighths." It was a clear dichotomy starting with a bull market rally and ending with the bear mauling at the end of August and all of September.
 Bank Stocks And ETFs In A Rising-Rate Environment
According to Investopedia, the industry group best equipped historically to deal with a rising interest-rate environment is banks.  We examine a few standout bank stocks and bank ETFs for potential implementation of this strategy.
How Well Have ETFs Designed To Limit Exposure To Negative Returns In Bear Markets Fared Lately?
We look at five equity-based ETFs geared toward low volatility and income generation along with five ETFs that use derivatives and shorting stocks to limit downside exposures.
Do Not Be Alarmed By The Closing Of JP Morgan Indexed ETFs
J.P. Morgan Asset Management is liquidating two indexed ETFs: JPMorgan U.S. Minimum Volatility ETF and the JPMorgan U.S. Dividend ETF. Shareholders need not worry. They will get out whole. We look at how to redeploy the assets.
Bear Market Rally Or Nascent Bull: What Should Investors Do Now?
July has begun with the seedlings of a rally. Time will tell whether it’s a bear market rally or the start of a new bullish period. At this crossroads, advisors need to be even more mindful than usual of investor objectives.
Benchmark Review Following A Hell Of A First Half - What To Look For Going Forward
A review of the first half of 2022 in the context of history and market collapses from decades past. Also a look at what held up best and where to allocate core assets now.
Investor Anxiety As Bear Market May Give Way To Recession
Most investors seem convinced that a significant near-term recession is inevitable and as the bear gets worse, cash may be the safest place for their money. We disagree and suggest other courses of action.
Values-Driven ETFs For American Conservatives
Investors concerned primarily with the environment and/or social change are not the only groups looking to align their investments with personal convictions and values.
The Many Faces Of QQQ
The history of QQQ, Invesco QQQ Trust, is that it was a game-changer from the very start.
Why Pay More For Your Investments?
Many iconic ETFs have substitutes that are large enough to be well past viability and liquid enough to satisfy the needs of most investors.
Macroeconomic And Geopolitical Shifts - Strategic Or Tactical?
Between inflation skyrocketing beyond expectations, the drumbeats of war, and global sanctions on Russian Oil, macroeconomic and geopolitical themes have dominated the 2022 stock market.
2nd Quarter US Benchmark ETF Update
The first quarter was rather turbulent. But given the unexpected burst of inflation and the savage Russian invasion of Ukraine, the final price reading of the S&P 500 of -5.2% comes almost as a relief.
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