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Herb Blank is a senior consultant and practice leader in the Global Finesse Product Strategy and Implementations Consulting Practice. He has more than 30 years of experience in financial product innovation and quantitative analysis.  Recognized as a pioneer in the ... more


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Defensive Sector ETFs For Turbulent Times
This week's chosen Consumer Staples ETFs are designed to offer stability instead of risk. Returns are lower, but so is volatility. We demonstrate how they have worked in market downturns and point out subtle differentiations.
Medical Miracles Inside Biotech ETFs
The events of the past year focused a lot of attention on game changing developments made possible by the global biotech industry.  Of the major names Moderna is the one where the original research and patents for COVID-19 vaccines were developed.
Value-Hunting Among 3 Popular Value ETFs
A comparison of three popular value ETFs: VOOV, IUSV and FVAL.
Evaluating A Hot Hedge Fund Strategy ETF - April 2021
GVIP, a Goldman Sachs ETF, focuses upon the high-conviction positions of selected fundamentally driven hedge fund managers. It has outperformed the S&P 500 since its inception. What has gone right and what could go wrong?
Should Gold Have A Role In Your Overall Portfolio?
Event studies reveal that gold iconsistently provided positive returns during significant market declines of 6+ month duration. We look at alkternative ways to buy exposure to gold and if its possible to derive related income streams.
EC What's In Your Core?
The investment media generally ignore US equity core ETFs. However, they hold the most equity AUM.
E Why Investors Should Avoid Buying SPY And GLD
SPY and GLD are the two most iconic ETPs offered by SSgA SPDRs. However, owners will systematically accumulate less wealth than they would reap with competing ETFs.
Inside Actively Managed Equity ETFs - A Topic Of Increasing Importance
Today’s analysis covers sevenal actively managed ETFs. A handful have had tremendous success in performance and asset capture. Most, thus far, have not. Seven ETFs are compared to SPY as a benchmark with distinctive results.
Dividend ETFs: How To Decide Which Is Best For You
There are more than 100 US-listed ETFs categorized by Morningstar, ETF.com, ETF Stream and others as Dividend ETFs.  Many of these use very different methodologies to satisfy disparate objectives.  Let’s take a deeper dive into 4 of them.
Drawing Distinctions Between ESG ETFs And Impact ETFs
There are more than 100 ETFs categorized as ESG by Morningstar. They have far different goals, methodologies, and serve very different purposes for different types of investors.
Not All Low Volatility ETFs Are The Same
Many investors, even professional hedge fund managers, choose style ETFs by name and trading volume. They miss the fact that there are many different ways to construct ETFs for a different style, size, sector, and ESG ETFs. Here's a vivid example.
E Differences Between Low Volatility And Defensive Quant ETFs: Screening Vs. Financial Engineering
Defensive quant ETFs are engineered to hold up in defensive periods while participating at a level below market resurgences.
Investing In Equities While Mitigating Potential Drawdowns With Options And ETFs
The US equity bull market since March 2009 is unprecedentedly long. But the many prognosticators espousing dire predictions have continued to be wrong for quite awhile.
Corporate Citizenship And The FAANGs - Why Should Investors Care?
425, or 85%, of S&P 500 firms file annual CSR or Sustainability Reports. They provide info and data on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Practices. FB, Google, Netflix and Apple do not. Why not? What does that mean for investors?
E This May Or May Not Be The Right Time For RVRS
RVRS is the S&P 500 Reverse-Market-Cap Index ETF. It is weighted by the reciprocal weights of the market cap weights of the S&P 500 and thus has almost no exposure to the FAANG stocks. It has help up much better than SPY in November 2018.
1 to 15 of 15 Posts