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Key Charts: No Signs Of Credit Stress And Trillions Of Cash
Looking back over the past 30 years, whenever rates have moved this far, this fast (as measured by the 1-year rate of change shown below), this has usually led to a subsequent cool-off or top in yields.
Corporate Buybacks, Rising Rates, And Commodities
Corporate buybacks have been a significant tailwind for higher stock prices in recent years; however, after COVID hit in early 2020, corporations largely put off buying back their own stock.
LEIs Point Toward Continued Recovery
It is important to remember that the healthcare impact of the pandemic is not what has caused the economic difficulties we faced last year.
Is This The Beginning Of Another Commodities Supercycle?
The last major commodities boom or supercycle that started in the early 2000s was largely centered on China's insatiable demand for raw materials.
Jeff Christian: Long-Term Outlook For Precious Metals Very Bullish
Gold prices will continue to rise for several years, but the pace of increase maybe a little bit slower in 2021 and 2022 before accelerating in 2023, 2024, and 2025.
Pause … OK, Resume
November of 2020 marked one of the best months for global equities in decades.
Investors May Want To Prepare For A 'Pandemic Era'
The entire global economy has been radically altered by COVID-19. For most industries, it has been a loss, but for major players at the crossroads of AI, public health, and biotechnology, it is proving to be a major accelerant.
Do Not Let Short-Term Noise Overshadow Long-Term Investing
While it is true what Benjamin Franklin said about there being nothing in this world that is certain except for death and taxes, there is another certainty of facing more volatility as we head into the 2020 presidential election.
Returning To Ground Zero
We are in the middle of a correction now and we believe there will be more heading into 2021, but ultimately believe these remain buying opportunities until proven otherwise.
Is The Dollar About To Crash?
We are in a consolidation period for precious metals as sentiment became too frothy and sentiment on the USD too bearish. These charts say it all...
Corporate Debt Gone Wild
Public and private debt levels are at all-time highs, and with stocks seeing their worst week since 2008, many are wondering what excess debt means for the future.
Rosenberg: If US Consumer Gets Spooked, We'll Get A Recession
There's no question that the labor market has held up remarkably well but the Challenger numbers showed a huge increase in layoff announcements across many cyclical sectors, including manufacturing.
The Man Who Predicted Stocks In 2019 Says This Is What'll Happen In 2020
Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist at the Leuthold Group, who gave us an update on his outlook for 2020. Here's what he told listeners in a recent interview with FS Insider.
Foreign Markets To Lead In 2020?
As we reach the culmination of the holiday season and as the Santa Claus rally continues, greed has replaced fear in the markets. Will this continue into the new year?
Confidence In Global Markets Remains
Companies in the financial, healthcare, industrial and information technology sectors are showing strong breadth by hitting new 52-week highs.
Why Are Stocks Rallying? Compare This Year To Last
Last year’s major pullback is unlikely to play out this time around. The Fed was sounding hawkish at that time, while trade tensions were still simmering. There are several differences between then and now...
1 to 16 of 111 Posts
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