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Corporate Debt Gone Wild
Public and private debt levels are at all-time highs, and with stocks seeing their worst week since 2008, many are wondering what excess debt means for the future.
Rosenberg: If US Consumer Gets Spooked, We'll Get A Recession
There's no question that the labor market has held up remarkably well but the Challenger numbers showed a huge increase in layoff announcements across many cyclical sectors, including manufacturing.
The Man Who Predicted Stocks In 2019 Says This Is What'll Happen In 2020
Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist at the Leuthold Group, who gave us an update on his outlook for 2020. Here's what he told listeners in a recent interview with FS Insider.
Foreign Markets To Lead In 2020?
As we reach the culmination of the holiday season and as the Santa Claus rally continues, greed has replaced fear in the markets. Will this continue into the new year?
Confidence In Global Markets Remains
Companies in the financial, healthcare, industrial and information technology sectors are showing strong breadth by hitting new 52-week highs.
Why Are Stocks Rallying? Compare This Year To Last
Last year’s major pullback is unlikely to play out this time around. The Fed was sounding hawkish at that time, while trade tensions were still simmering. There are several differences between then and now...
As US Stocks Near Record Highs, These Charts Spell Caution
Peter Boockvar of Bleakley Advisory Group joins us to discuss his global trade outlook, the U.S. stock market and dollar. He says global economic growth is still deteriorating and a trade deal won’t do much to help...
Seven Ways To Take Control Of Your Student Loans
Student loan debt has found its way into the center of political debates and into the lives of nearly two-thirds of American college students. It is a 1.6 trillion crisis.
Dollar Weakness On The Horizon
A strange brew of economic conditions may be coming together to produce some contrarian outcomes, including a strengthening global economy and a potential reversal in the dollar.
Adam Rozencwajg: Commodities Are Radically Undervalued
Is there hidden value in commodities? We spoke with Adam Rozencwajg of Goehring and Rozencwajg about the surprisingly low costs of commodities, how they got to these levels and what impact that could have on the market.
Robert Shiller On The Power Of Narrative Economics
The field of economics may do well to take a cue from the study of epidemiology. If narrative structures and story-telling inform how people make economic decisions, the spread of a story from person to person mimics the spread of infection.
Planning Ahead Is Key For Retirees
Purchasing a life insurance policy thus helps address two major concerns for retirees, and makes a lot of sense as a way to ease the burden of healthcare costs.
The Size Of Corporate Debt One Rung Above Junk Has Never Been Greater, Warns Louis Gave
"If you start seeing an economic downturn ..., then all of a sudden you have investment grade that becomes non-investment grade.”
Stocks May Be Stuck In Volatile Trading Range For 2019
An interview with Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray.
The Market's Entering A Transitional Period
We've now broken a multi-year uptrend in the US stock market that started in February 2016 with greater downside risks to commodities and other areas.
Market Technician Projects 2019 Stock Market Peak
The U.S. market will probably rise into the new year but the stocks that are doing the running will be rotated over and it will probably stay strong-ish well into 2019.
1 to 16 of 104 Posts
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