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F.A.S.T. Graphs™ founded by Charles (Chuck) Carnevale.  The F.A.S.T. Graphs™ tool takes all the hours of manual graphing of business fundamentals and reduces it to seconds, giving you critical information in an instant. This charting tool has been used by Chuck and his family ... more


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FV Have These 5 Best Defense (Stocks) Become The Best Offense (Stocks)?
When stock prices are moving in dramatic fashion either to the upside or the downside, it is very difficult for most investors to see beyond the price action.
Nvidia: The Correction Was Justified And Valuation May Still Be High
Whenever you are trying to determine if a company is fairly valued or not, you need to consider both its dynamic nature and the relevance of its growth past, present, and future.
FV Did IBM Buy Red Hat At A Fair Price?
Even if IBM continues to grow at low rates, it is still undervalued. Because, even a company with no growth is worth more than IBM with its significant resources is currently trading at.
Building A Dividend Growth Portfolio From Scratch: 15 A Rated Or Better Fairly Valued Opportunities
We remain in one of the longest bull markets in history. Generally, with bull markets, stocks tend to become highly valued. Additionally, we also continue to find ourselves in a low-interest rate environment based on historical standards.
Whirlpool Corporation: Do You Have The Guts To Be Greedy While Others Are Fearful?
Headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Whirlpool Corporation is an iconic brand that was founded in 1898. Whirlpool is a worldwide manufacturer of home appliances and related products.
How Overvalued Is The S&P 500?
A review of the stock market and the S&P 500.
FV Why A 15 P/E Ratio Represents Fair Value For Most (Not All) Companies
This is not a one-size-fits-all situation; however, it is a normal or average size that applies to most companies based on the logic presented here.
Why Valuation Determines Total Dividend Payments For Overvalued Stocks; Johnson & Johnson Case Study
Valuation not only has a material impact on dividend income, it also has a major impact on total return.
Newell Brands Inc - A Turnaround Opportunity
The company’s blended P/E ratio is quite low at 8.5 which is approximately half of what I would consider attractive, so valuation appears enticing.
WEC Energy Group, NextEra Energy: Great Utilities But Risky Stock Values
If I were to find them attractively valued again in the future, as I am basically certain I will, I will be a ready and willing buyer of either or both.
Western Digital Corporation, Significantly Undervalued
Western Digital Corporation is a technology stock providing personal and business storage. The company has a cyclical operating history and as a result, the market has tended to value it at lower-than-average valuations.
FV The Sherwin-Williams Company, Trading At Uncharacteristically Higher Valuations
Historically the company has grown at double-digit above-average rates. However, since coming out of the Great Recession the company’s earnings growth rate has accelerated significantly.
Magna International Inc. – Graphs Analyze
Magna International is a Canadian based Auto Parts Equipment company that has had excellent growth over its lifetime, but the market has generally valued it at a low P/E ratio of 9 to 10.
FV 7 China-Based Stocks For High Growth At A Reasonable Price
These 7 companies trade at higher multiples of earnings, cash flows and other metrics than average growing companies do. But most importantly, to support those high valuations, they must continue to deliver high rates of growth.
Analysis Of 7 Chinese Stocks
Looking at some of the more prominent ADR Chinese companies.
FV Are FANG Investors Playing The Role Of Greater Fools?
The most interesting aspect and questions regarding the valuations of the 4 FANG stocks, is whether they are justified or not. These are extremely difficult questions to answer correctly.
1 to 16 of 55 Posts
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