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F.A.S.T. Graphs™ founded by Charles (Chuck) Carnevale.  The F.A.S.T. Graphs™ tool takes all the hours of manual graphing of business fundamentals and reduces it to seconds, giving you critical information in an instant. This charting tool has been used by Chuck and his family ... more


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5 Dividend Paying Bargains In The Industrial Sector
A review of five investment-grade dividend-paying growth stocks that appear attractively valued in the industrial sector.
4 Fairly Valued Fast-Growing Dividend Growth Stocks
These four dividend growth stocks covered in this video offer above-average growth at reasonable valuations.
Stanley Black & Decker: After A Really Bad Quarter Is The Stock A Buy Or Value Trap?
Our economy has clearly entered a recession. Industrial stocks like Stanley Black & Decker have historically suffered during recessionary periods.
4 High-Yielding Dividend Growth Stocks
Situations and variables can differ greatly between one investor and the other.
Forecasting Future Earnings Growth: A Key To Long-Term Investing Success
Although forecasting is full of uncertainty, it is imperative that investors apply their best judgment before laying their money down.
Lowe’s Vs. Home Depot: Which Dividend Growth Stock Is The Better Investment?
Even though Home Depot is the larger company, both Lowe’s and Home Depot have produced very similar historical operating results.
Finally Dividend Growth Stocks On Sale: 12 Gifts Courtesy Of The Bear Market
There are certain stocks that have become prudent, safe, and opportunistic long-term investments.
6 Dividend Kings Increasing Dividends For 50 Consecutive Years Or More
When you find yourselves in risky markets like today, it is incumbent on investors to favor safety over profits.
12 Stocks Investors Want To See
A look at some very inexpensive growth stocks and a few inexpensive dividend growth stocks.
How To Make Money In This Bear Market
To the astute and disciplined value investor, bear markets bring opportunity, and more to the point, safety.
High-Yielding High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock Benefiting From Rising Interest Rates
Value investing goes hand-in-hand with taking a long-term view. Value stocks usually become great values because of a reason.
20 Stocks Analysis - One Hidden Jem
Though the bear market has generated opportunities, there are still overvalued stocks on this list. On the other hand, there is one stock that represents a buying opportunity.
Financial Stocks Are Cheaper Than Usual
Many of the high-quality dividend growth stocks in the financial sector are cheap today by any standard definition of valuation.
3 Dividend Growth Stocks On Sale
We look at 3 dividend growth stocks that are priced attractively at the moment: 1 for growth and growth yield, 1 for moderate yield with the growth kicker, 1 for current high income.
Stock Prices Follow Fundamentals In The Long Run
Growing fundamentals lead to long-term returns while shrinking fundamentals ultimately lead to losses.
It’s A Market Of Stocks Not A Stock Market
Stocks are as individual as people. What really matters, in the long run, is how well the business is operated, which will always be reflected in the fundamentals.
1 to 16 of 277 Posts
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