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F.A.S.T. Graphs™ founded by Charles (Chuck) Carnevale.  The F.A.S.T. Graphs™ tool takes all the hours of manual graphing of business fundamentals and reduces it to seconds, giving you critical information in an instant. This charting tool has been used by Chuck and his family ... more

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The Real Reason Why The Stock Market Is Falling: 6 Examples
After enjoying a long-running bull stock market, the recent drop in stock prices is causing investor angst.
6 Dividend Growth Stocks
A demonstration of how to blend dividend growth stocks together in such a way as to accomplish a specific income need.
Can FedEx Deliver Long-Term Gains After Today’s Short-Term Pain?
FedEx preannounced an earnings shortfall and the stock price is down more than 20%. Investors with a short-term orientation typically react badly when the stock price falls.
19 S&P 500 Blue Chips With A Margin Of Safety And High Dividend Yields
A review of 19 blue-chip, investment grade, dividend growth stocks in the S&P 500 that offer a margin of safety.
For Dividend Growth HPQ Versus HPE Or Both?
HP Inc and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises represent two dividend growth stocks with uncanny similarities regarding valuation and yield.
The Normal P/E Ratio (The Blue Line) – What It Is And How It Works
People want to know how it is calculated, what it means, and how to utilize it to make better long-term investment decisions.
3M: Is The Potential Reward Worth The Risk?
The company is currently trading at one of the lowest valuations it historically has.
What Is The P/E Ratio And How It Is Used For Investing
The nature of the P/E ratio allows it to serve as a method of standardization for the market by a means of establishing a relatively consistent value for $1 of earnings.
Global Payments Inc.: 17% Growth At A Reasonable Price
Global Payments Inc. is a leading payment processing company in the data processing and outsourced services sub-industry sector.
These Stocks Are Set To Double In?
Investors have the best chance for success when they have realistic expectations about their investments.
Magna International Inc. Stock Analysis By The Numbers
MGA is an A- rated stock that offers a 3.04% dividend yield and trades at a blended P/E ratio of 11.94 and a significant discount to its intrinsic value.
Comcast Is A High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock On Sale
Comcast can currently be purchased at a significant discount to its intrinsic value offering a margin of safety and a high total rate of return.
Wow! Look How Far These Popular Growth Stocks Have Fallen
In order to successfully invest in growth stocks, an investor needs to properly assess future growth within a reasonable degree of accuracy.
The Stock With The Best Balance Sheet – Googl “e” It
If you are looking for safety when buying stocks, consider stocks with strong balance sheets, and GOOGL has one.
5 Dividend Paying Bargains In The Industrial Sector
A review of five investment-grade dividend-paying growth stocks that appear attractively valued in the industrial sector.
4 Fairly Valued Fast-Growing Dividend Growth Stocks
These four dividend growth stocks covered in this video offer above-average growth at reasonable valuations.
1 to 16 of 496 Posts
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