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Elazar is run by Chaim Siegel.  Chaim worked for Steve Cohen at SAC Capital twice, was a partner at JLF Asset, run by Jeff Feinberg, a $1B hedge fund and Chaim ran his own fund. Before that he was one of 7 analysts working for a $13B fund at Morgan Stanley.  He started Elazar 12 years ... more


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Inflation Is Here: Market And Crypto Impact Coming
The market seems to think that the weak jobs report means the Fed won’t hike rates anytime soon, even with the onset of inflation.
Tesla Says Big Revenue Upside 'Probable'
The revenue upside will come from higher-margin Model Y, S&X which should help ASPs start moving back up and gross margins breaking out to new highs.
Riled Up About Last Week's Fed Meeting: They Have No Confidence, Risk For Markets
The Fed’s expectations on reaching their targets don’t line up with the dot plot, which suggests they lack conviction.
Respect The Market, Like Bitcoin More
Inflation, near-term technicals, its undervaluation compared to gold on a market cap basis, all of that leaves us thinking that Bitcoin can work in the near term and in the long term.
Interest Rates, Inflation And Algos: A Bad Formula For The Market And Tesla
March came in like a lion, with another choppy week of trading. Interest rates continue to march higher, and Jerome Powell and the Fed don’t seem prepared to address it. Tesla has enough short-term issues affecting it to put it in a risky spot.
Warning Signs For Tesla And The Stock Market
Last week’s stock market action has people throughout the market asking questions. I think we always need to respect the market and the directions that it’s taking.
How To Make A Mindset Shift With Stock Market Risk
There are a few building stock market risks, specifically jumping interest rates from 1% to 2%. The next move to 3% can cause some jitters.
Tesla's Robotaxi Future Upside
Tesla could have many advantages over other ride-hailing services. They could offer lower fares, because of Tesla's lower operating expenses, lower insurance costs, and more financing opportunities.
Robinhood And The Other Side Of WallStreetBets: Market Risk
Hedge funds have been reportedly caught on the wrong end of the Wall Street Bets trades.
Bitcoin's Near-Term Tether Risk: Neutral Rating
Bitcoin has had a massive run. Some of that buying was sourced with Tether which is said to be a "stable-coin" backed by US dollars.
Why Bitcoin Is In Launch Mode
In this video, I talk about the ISM Manufacturing Prices Paid Survey that showed price is up almost 20% from November to December. That means your fiat currency went down in value about 20% from November to December.
Political Fed Is Stock Market Bullish Medium Term
The Fed has turned political. That's something new and historically significant. Probably market bullish.
Reacting To The Tesla And Stock Market Break
Tesla and the stock market have been up in a spike.
Zoom: The Next Tesla
Zoom had numbers not seen in most public companies.
Netflix Membership Drop In June Is Concerning
Netflix had one critical number that went the wrong way in June, membership. Not good for a momentum stock.
Tesla: More To Go, And A Look At The Stock Market - Great News, Bad Action
Tesla had everything working against them. Fremont was down. The supply chain was disrupted. Global demand was in a depression. And they pulled it out?
1 to 16 of 24 Posts
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