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Elazar is run by Chaim Siegel.  Chaim worked for Steve Cohen at SAC Capital twice, was a partner at JLF Asset, run by Jeff Feinberg, a $1B hedge fund and Chaim ran his own fund. Before that he was one of 7 analysts working for a $13B fund at Morgan Stanley.  He started Elazar 12 years ... more


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Tesla: More To Go, And A Look At The Stock Market - Great News, Bad Action
Tesla had everything working against them. Fremont was down. The supply chain was disrupted. Global demand was in a depression. And they pulled it out?
Stock Market About To Turn Down?
The increase in daily cases of COVID-19 is such that it is unclear as to how the stock market can achieve new highs.
Stock Market At Turning Point?
The Federal Reserve is doing everything it can to hold up this market but the market is just churning sideways.
Stock Market Deciding Point
While everybody's sold on only-up, the market stopped going up. The Fed has been all-out buying, trying to keep the market's momentum higher.
Three Fundamental Reasons The Stock Market Can Break
The market has traded sideways for a week or so. I've been saying it's important to respect direction as a guide for trading. Still, I think there's three fundamental reasons building that can potentially drive the next move lower.
Fed Day Tomorrow: Bullish
We review tomorrow's Fed day and what's the next driver to the stock market.
Stock Market Didn't Notice COVID-19 Cases Accelerated - Bearish
The number of new COVID-19 cases accelerated in the recent data both globally and in the US. This pushes out timetables for people and economies getting back to normal. That causes market risk.
Stock Market And SPY: Mini Fed Taper And Second Half Demand Cliff
SPY is hugging my key levels. There's a quiet mini Fed taper going on. That opens up risk to stocks.
Fed Lightening Up Creates Stock Market Ceiling
The Fed has been very aggressive, as we know. They may be telling us through these moves that: SPY 280s, let the market trade, 250s and support the heck out of it.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts