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Elazar is run by Chaim Siegel.  Chaim worked for Steve Cohen at SAC Capital twice, was a partner at JLF Asset, run by Jeff Feinberg, a $1B hedge fund and Chaim ran his own fund. Before that he was one of 7 analysts working for a $13B fund at Morgan Stanley.  He started Elazar 12 years ... more


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One Year Results
The results of our model portfolio are one year old. We were up 14.2% versus the tech heavy NASDAQ, QQQs up about 5.4% in that same time. Here's the results and some thoughts.
SPY ETF: Trump Good News, Market Bad Action
The news that President Trump was exonerated should have sparked a rally in the S&P 500 ETF (SPY​). It did not.
SPY ETF Good News, Bad Action
The S&P 500 ETF SPY has been up huge this year. Today was the first day in a while we had trade news and the market didn't react positively.
Apple: Still Earnings Risk
The rising dollar forced Apple first to raise prices so as not to have a revenue hit. But rising prices hurt demand so in January they benefited from reducing prices.
SPY ETF: But, But, But, Slow Market, Bull Market
SPY is moving very slow lately. Fast or volatile markets are usually bear markets as you remember in November and December. But slow markets are usually bull markets.
SPY ETF: Slight Change
Short term the market looks a little extended to the upside which can mean there's a risk at any point.
S&P 500: Game Plan For The Fed Today
Whatever happens, we need the market to guide us. We think the two key levels are 265 and 261 for the S&P 500 ETF SPY.
Tesla Earnings Red Flags
Tesla reports earnings Wednesday after the close. They already guided below the Street for Q4 but we think there's a material risk in Q1.
Nvidia, Intel Big Misses, AMD?
Both Nvidia and Intel called out datacenter slowing. As we know that's huge for tech. Datacenter and hyperscalers had been a key driver for much of the food chain in tech.
Intel's 2019 Guide Not Conservative
Intel missed on revenues and guided below the Street for Q1. The guide assumes no growth for revenues.
Tech Stocks: More Risk For Earnings Season?
So far the stock market has generally looked through trade war risk. That said we're approaching earnings season and that could change.
Tesla's Stock About To Turn Up
In the face of all the "bad news", the stock opened down and managed to crawl its way back to up all day.
Would You Pay 11X For Tesla?
Would you pay an 11 PE for Tesla stock? Why not, right? Ford and GM trade at low multiples. But Tesla's about to have blowout earnings growth starting in Q3 as per their guidance.
Semiconductor And Tech Macro Review
Net sentiment is very negative looking for anything glass half empty but we're looking for opportunities on weakness into Q3 earnings.
Tesla: Production Even Close To Estimates, Huge For Earnings
It was reported by Electrek that Tesla is apparently on track with their Model 3 quarterly ramp but below their 6,000/week target.
What We're Watching At The Citi Tech Conference
The Citi Global Technology Conference this Wednesday and Thursday is timely. We're two months into the third quarter. Third quarters are important in tech because you have the build for the holiday season.
1 to 16 of 110 Posts
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