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Elazar is run by Chaim Siegel.  Chaim worked for Steve Cohen at SAC Capital twice, was a partner at JLF Asset, run by Jeff Feinberg, a $1B hedge fund and Chaim ran his own fund. Before that he was one of 7 analysts working for a $13B fund at Morgan Stanley.  He started Elazar 12 years ... more


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Micron And SMH: Weak Memory Demand Risk
Micron, WDC and other reports are pointing to a cloud led tech slowdown. The pandemic pulled forward cloud spending which risks the second half.
Facebook: Libra Potential Push-Out, Ad Boycott, Not Great
Facebook is a mixed bag right now. EPS drives stock prices, and we believe that in Facebook’s case, their EPS won’t be enough to justify their current valuation.
Amazon: Why We Think There's Earnings Upside
Amazon has been on a great run since March but we think the stock can keep going. Our earnings model gives us conviction there’s more stock price upside despite the run.
Activision Blizzard: Strong Buy Rating
Gaming sales have jumped since the start of the pandemic, and new games and console releases can help drive the stock significantly higher. Stay-at-home stocks, like Activision Blizzard, can provide investors upside with potentially less risk..
Pricing Trends Favor Micron, But There Is A Dark Cloud Looming
Last week’s guidance increase can provide some short-term price gains. Despite spot pricing going down, Micron CEO says pricing trends are up.
Stock Market: Don't Want To Chase Here
The market closed higher than a key level for me 281 but it still is overbought after the run so I don't want to chase.
Stock Market Holding?
Fundamentally I think we are within a month of COVID-19 deaths slowing to a crawl but we need to see that. In the meantime the only trade will be to watch bad news action to see if the market's bottomed.
Stock Market Bounce To Month End, Then...
The market had a huge bounce in the last four days up 16% on the $SPY from the low.
The Stock Market Risk Of Lifting Lockdown Restrictions
The hard economic choice of going on an aggressive lockdown are probably ultimately better for the stock market.
Recommended To Short Breaking 331 SPY - Now What?
This Coronavirus is a big unknown. Cases keep accelerating. Stimulus keeps accelerating. But stimulus can't cure a cold. It holds the market up but it can't cure a cold.
Why We Downgraded Tesla And How We Get Back In
Tesla's on the cusp of an earnings inflection. But that turn up just got pushed out along with the rest of the world. Tesla's much more volatile and that risk up and down needs to be respected.
Potential Bounce But Then Down To SPY 200
Why is the market down 30%? Because jobless claims just jumped 40%. The market predicted that.
Stock Market Teetering Near Key Level
We saw the Fed buy less last week which takes some support from the market. We'll have to see how that develops each day this week.
Stocks Can Hold Up On Apple's Guide Down
Apple just guided the quarter lower than previous expectations citing lack of supply and demand in China. Supply is coming back up but slower than expected.
Arista, Skyworks And Nvidia Not Seeing China Health Impact: Bullish
The Chinese health outbreak is definitely one of the biggest risks out there in the stock market today. But for some strange reason, it's not yet hitting results.
Tesla: No Bubble Here, Contrarian Divergence - Bullish
Bubble calls and a lack of understanding of what drives stocks is creating a huge contrarian bullish call.
1 to 16 of 150 Posts
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