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Elazar is run by Chaim Siegel.  Chaim worked for Steve Cohen at SAC Capital twice, was a partner at JLF Asset, run by Jeff Feinberg, a $1B hedge fund and Chaim ran his own fund. Before that he was one of 7 analysts working for a $13B fund at Morgan Stanley.  He started Elazar 12 years ... more


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Stock Market Teetering Near Key Level
We saw the Fed buy less last week which takes some support from the market. We'll have to see how that develops each day this week.
Stocks Can Hold Up On Apple's Guide Down
Apple just guided the quarter lower than previous expectations citing lack of supply and demand in China. Supply is coming back up but slower than expected.
Arista, Skyworks And Nvidia Not Seeing China Health Impact: Bullish
The Chinese health outbreak is definitely one of the biggest risks out there in the stock market today. But for some strange reason, it's not yet hitting results.
Tesla: No Bubble Here, Contrarian Divergence - Bullish
Bubble calls and a lack of understanding of what drives stocks is creating a huge contrarian bullish call.
Stock Market: Continued China Risk With Hedge Funds Maxed Out
The Fed bought a ton on Friday as an offset but it won't be enough with the China concerns.
Continue To Expect Earnings Upside For Intel, Good Sign For AMD On Tuesday
Intel reported a blowout quarter on Thursday last week. This might be a good sign for AMD, which reports today (Tuesday).
AMD: The 50% Revenue Growth Quarter Is Finally Upon Us
AMD reports next Tuesday (Jan. 28) after the close. They guided Q4 to be a huge 50% revenue growth quarter. It sounds like the company's confident enough to hit or beat it.
Why Facebook Stock Can Go Nuts This Year
There's often a lot of hype surrounding new cryptocurrencies, but Facebook's Libra has some genuine legitimacy .Add to that the fact that Facebook's core business is doing well and there's a real chance this stock can go nuts.
Micron: Bullish On Latest Pricing And Supply Data
Memory pricing is pretty much all that matters for Micron's earnings and stock price.Higher pricing most likely means higher earnings and a higher stock price.
Tesla: Q4 Strong, Still Big Upside
The delivery news coming out all point positive for Tesla. Tesla did a great job of keeping quiet intra-quarter last quarter and just delivering.
Qualcomm: Inflection And Two-Decade Breakout
Qualcomm has been a wild ride. But the 5G upcycle should help the shares make a decisive breakout on the chart.
Micron: Bullish, Easier Money With Pricing Now Up
Micron had a decent quarter. They again hope for the bottom. But all that matters is pricing has started moving up, and so should the stock price.
Micron Saying 'Q1 Uncertainty' But Lam Research Saying 'NAND Prices Inflecting Higher'
There are some short-term challenges in the next two quarters which can affect the company's earnings report later this month. But underlying pricing news is improving and that's key.
Nvidia Slowing: Moving To Neutral Rating
Nvidia recently reported earnings. At face value, they looked fine, but underlying, we like to look at the two-year run rates and they slowed for key metrics: revenues, datacenter, and gaming.
AMD: Bullish On Earnings
AMD reports after the close on Tuesday. I had previously thought the Q4 guide could be a stretch implying growth of 50%. I now think it's doable.
Ouch: Worry About Semis After Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments had a monster guide down which is going to take longer than the typical 4-5 quarters. This has macro and tech consequences.
1 to 16 of 138 Posts
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