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David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories and bullion dealers. He is the publisher of the Silver Investor and more


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Metals Performance: Year-To-Date Analysis
Gold has shone brightly in 2024, rising 14.3% year-to-date and outperforming many major asset classes. In this short video, I review this performance.
The Law Of Allowance
The gold and silver markets, they are in a consolidation phase I'm pretty convinced, I think they're going to be in a trading range soon.
How Bullish Is The Silver Market?
Silver has some catching up to do. Once it does, it is anticipated to quickly surge towards its 2011 highs around the $50 mark.
Silver Breaks Through 10-Year Slump; China Now A Big Player
Silver has seen an explosive move back to levels not seen in over a decade. We discuss the technical and fundamental outlook for the silver market.
Silver Broke $30… Where Do We Go From Here?
Silvers price have taken the spotlight today, with the metal hitting over $31 per ounce, marking its highest closing price in over a decade. Silver futures have surged more than 6%, driving the price to around $31 an ounce.
The Third Stage Of The Silver Bull Market Has Started
In this video, I discuss how the the third phase and the most dramatic time in the precious metals bull market has started.
The Silver Deficit Could Be Growing
A discussion about the silver supply and how the industry could take much more of the supply than anticipated.
Is Silver Worth $1000 Per Ounce? What If It Already Was?
The Day Is Not Far When The Dollar Will Fall & This Alone Will Drive The Prices Of Gold & Silver Up.
Demand For Physical Gold And Silver In China And India Overwhelming
Many US retail bullion dealers are flush with a lot of gold and silver inventory and are lowering premiums.
If Bitcoin Is The Answer, What Is The Question?
Despite the high valuation, a major collapse of Bitcoin is likely to happen again. Why is nobody talking about the bad side of cryptocurrencies?
Presenting The Case For Silver As A Critical Mineral
Executives from silver mining producers have appealed to the government to recognize silver as a critical mineral. In this video, we discuss this.
Does The VAT Hold Back Silver Purchases
​​​​​​​Precious Metals can maintain special positions in the market in relation to tax regimes.
Which Is The Better Investment: Platinum Or Silver?
Reviewing a third-party article's pros and cons.
Bitcoin Dies And Silver Flies
Mario Inneco tries to get David Morgan and John Perez to discuss "the crypto conspiracy and the silver psy-op."
What You Must Know Before Ever Buying A Junior Mining Company
In the world of junior mining investments, knowledge is more than power. This video is a must-watch for anyone considering an investment in this area.
Gold, Silver And The Future Of Currencies
A look at the US markets and predictions for what could unfold in the next 12 months, and gold and why central banks are buying it at record rates.
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