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David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories and bullion dealers. 

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Are We Running Out Of Gold?
Gold is a finite resource. There may eventually come a stage when there is none left to be mined.
Real Estate Carnage And World Currency Crisis On Our Doorstep
Inflation is engulfing the world, creating the perfect environment for a surge in the price of precious metals. So why is this not materializing? I sum it up as only I can.
Markets Are Shifting
There is some hope that inflation has peaked, but there is no clear indication of that so far.
Sound Money Means A Sound Future
You can experience sound money’s evident ring of truth for yourself. Toss any gold or silver coin on your kitchen table and you will hear the history of honest money ringing down through the centuries.
When Silver Beats Gold
Silver has outperformed gold historically during times of economic crisis and has wide industrial uses.
Stocks And Bonds – Weaken Gold Starting To Hold
Gold’s price is roughly $1,883 per ounce, which is down about 4% for the year but up significantly from prices seen three and five years ago.
Be Selective In Your Mining Companies If Inflation Continues
It’s time to start worrying about inflation. Although inflation has been rising in the past few years, prices will continue to accelerate through 2022.
Global Uncertainty Is Fueling The Run To Gold
Uncertainty seems to be the prevailing feeling right now, across various aspects of the global economy.
Real Estate, Food And Energy Concerns
Why I think the U.S. economy is skating on thin ice, with higher housing, energy, and food costs.
The War For Control Of The Monetary System
A discussion about the current conflict and why it’s likely a Bankers War. It seems like a battle over who will control the next financial system.
Industrial Demand To Corner Silver Market
Silver is the investment of the decade, industrial demand alone could cause a squeeze.
Silver And Gold Explode. How High Can They Go?
Given all that is going on in the world, we think gold and silver are setting up for a much bigger move.
Who Has “Your Money” – The Bank Or You?
Given the economic uncertainty caused by the current money printing, war, and health crisis, many borrowers may be forced to default on loans they have with their banks.
The Moral Implications Of Sound Money
A discussion about the history and future of sound money.
Silver Could Jump $10 In Days Or Weeks
If silver breaks above $24.40, then we could see silver jump $10 within days or weeks.
Fed Either Destroys Dollar Or Crashes Markets
Hard times are here and they’re going to be getting harder.
1 to 16 of 182 Posts
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