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David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories and bullion dealers. 

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The Eighth Wonder Of The World
A discussion about the economy in the presence of coronavirus and an update on precious metals.
FV Could This Be The Biggest Stock Market Crash In History
The Coronavirus outbreak and the fear that it could become a pandemic is crushing stocks. The Dow fell in back-to-back days in what it the worst week for stocks since the 2008 financial crisis.
The Coronavirus Is Wreaking Havoc
Many people around the world are limiting their time outdoors for fear of the coronavirus. This has a huge effect on the economy. The stock markets crashed several hundred points. Travel is being canceled all over the world.
Silver And Sanity
Silver is real money, not a debt-based fiat currency that will eventually fail. Silver bullion production requires capital and effort to mine and refine. Silver is monetary sanity. Silver is a buy right now.
The Economic Impact Of The Corona Virus
Nearly two decades have passed since a virus known as SARS emerged in China, killing hundreds of people and sparking panic that sent a chill through the global economy. The coronavirus virus now rampaging across China could be much more damaging.
What’s With Silver Stocks
Plunging global yields have created the perfect scenario for precious metals to thrive. Gold and silver are often referred to as “safe-haven” assets because they outperform during periods of uncertainty.
Global Debt To GDP Is At All Time Highs
The global debt-to-GDP ratio hit an all-time high of 322% in the third quarter of last year.
2020 Is Finally Here. Is Your Stock Portfolio Locked And Loaded?
Can we avoid a global recession in 2020? The stock market outlook seems to be strong. Risky assets benefited from central bank easing in 2019.
Gold Bottom Is In, Silver Stocks Leading The Way
The silver miners’ stocks surged in recent months, staging a strong rebound rally. That overdue turnaround was fueled by silver mean reverting higher on improving sentiment after gold’s decisive bull-market breakout.
Pension Schemes In EU Show Big Shortfalls
Millions of retirees and workers are at risk of losing their multi-employer pension benefits because their plans are forecasted to become insolvent in the near future.
The Silver Chart Tells Me That Silver Will Push Much Higher
Gold remains well above its breakout level of $1350, but silver is struggling below $17.
We Cannot Grow Our Way Out Of The Debt Pyramid
The United States has both a debt and deficit problem, driven by years of overspending and unfunded promise. Their solution to the problem is simply going more into debt. There is only one way this kind of thinking ends.
Run Out Of Dollar Into Gold Will Make History
When faith and confidence are lost in the US dollar, there will not be many places people can go to convert their rapidly devaluing currency into something real, except for into gold & silver.
Gold Goes Digital, While Facebook Loses Backing
Stripe, eBay, Mastercard and Visa are all following PayPal in dropping out of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project, And gold goes digital.
Bitcoin Gets Crushed - Is The Economy Next?
For Bitcoin investors, these are the times that try one’s soul.
Pension Funds Reel From Negative Yields
A once-unthinkable collapse in global bond yields is forcing pension funds to buy bonds that offer negative returns — putting the financial security of future retirees in major jeopardy.
1 to 16 of 70 Posts
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