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David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories and bullion dealers. 

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The Future Of The Silver Market: Looking At Supply And Demand
For any market to move up, more buying pressure is needed. Buying pressure comes through several avenues.
Why The Silver Bull Run Is Inevitable
In the late 1990s, on the cusp of the turn of the millennium, legendary investor Warren Buffet made a big move: he purchased roughly 130 million troy ounces of silver — primarily bought off the COMEX at a price around $5 an ounce.
Understanding The Signs Of The Looming Currency Crisis
Loss of trust and confidence is a psychological event, not a monetary event, yet it is now affecting one of the most established representations of the contemporary financial system.
What The Silver Short Squeeze Means For The Future Of The Market
February has been a wild ride for silver, to say the least.
Silver Outperforms All The Metals In 2020
In this video David Morgan details how silver outperformed all other metals in 2020.
The Currency Crisis Will Fuel Silver’s Run
With the U.S. debt-ceiling approaching no man’s land, we have reached the point of no return, and there are two things that come through in times like these: gold and silver.
When “Fiats Fail,” Precious Metals Prevail
For millennia, gold and silver have been money.
The Monetary System Is Behind The Power Curve. That’s Not Good.
It appears that the monetary system is on the backside of the power curve. It has reached a point where no matter how much money is printed, no amount can help the economy to recover. Any more printing will likely only work to exasperate the problem.
Universal Deceit = Universal Basic Income?
A narrow majority of U.S. adults (54%) say they would oppose the federal government providing a guaranteed income – sometimes called a universal basic income (UBI) for all adult citizens, whether or not they work.
The Great Silver Crisis Is Incoming
The demand for silver as an investment is very strong right now, when that spills over into industry, it’s not going to increase mining as there is waning of silver mining due to the crisis.
Gold Bottom Is In, Silver Stocks Leading The Way
The silver miners’ stocks surged in recent months, staging a strong rebound rally. That overdue turnaround was fueled by silver mean reverting higher on improving sentiment after gold’s decisive bull-market breakout.
Palladium: Signals Of Market Supply Shortage
Russia has materially reduced its supply of palladium to the global palladium market and there are signs of growing physical shortage in the market.
There Is No Run Like A Gold Run… Except For A Silver Run
Palisade Radio Host, Collin Kettell interviews David Morgan of The Morgan Report about gold and silver.
1 to 13 of 13 Posts