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PhD Economist, Fund Manager

Daniel Lacalle is a PhD in Economy and fund manager. He holds the CIIA financial analyst title, with a post graduate degree in IESE and a master’s degree in economic investigation (UCV).


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FV Evergrande - The Tip Of The China Iceberg?
The bankruptcy of the Chinese real estate company Evergrande is much more than a “Chinese Lehman”. Lehman Brothers was much more diversified than Evergrande and better capitalized.
Turkish Lira Collapse. Can It Be Solved?
Turkey will continue to stick to free markets and a liberal foreign-exchange regime, Treasury and Finance Minister Lutfi Elvan said in a statement after the lira plunged following an upheaval at the central bank.
Yield Curve Control: Bubbles And Stagnation
Central banks do not manage risk, they disguise it.
How A Small Rise In Bond Yields May Create A Financial Crisis
Ned Davis Research estimates that a 2% yield in the US 10-year bond could lead the Nasdaq to fall 20%, and with it the entire stock market globally. A 2% yield can cause such disruption? How did we get to such a situation?
The Bubble Of Everything: How A Debt-Driven Economy Creates More Frequent Crises
The pace of global recoveries since 1975 has been slower and weaker, consistently every time, according to the OECD. Recoveries take longer and happen slower.
China Recovery Stalls
One of the key pillars of the consensus bullish view about 2021 is the Chinese recovery, supported by very optimistic estimates of growth in services and exports.
Europe Will Not Benefit From Inflation Spike
The EU tries to fix the economy without touching the mechanisms that slow it down. High government spending, low productivity, and poor competitiveness.
Debunking The Myth Of The Savings Glut
Many economists point out to the “abnormal” rise in savings as a bullish signal that will drive a stronger recovery and a consumption boom.
FV Inflation Is Back. Protect Yourself
Monetary policy has been ultra-expansive for more than ten years, in crisis, recovery, growth and stabilization. In fact, the central bank becomes hostage to states that do not reduce their structural imbalances.
Biden’s Energy Plan May Be Costly For Consumers
Joe Biden has presented a $2 trillion clean energy plan that may be very expensive for consumers if the United States follows the mistakes of the European example.
Silver Squeeze? Next Gamestop Or Fundamental Bet?
Silver fundamentals are stronger. No need to bet on squeezes. Monetary insanity will keep silver and gold as good opportunities.
FV Gamestop: Revenge Of The Small Investor Or Massive Bubble?
If you hate it when somebody tries to pump and dump a stock… why would anyone incentivise it?
Risk Of A Lost Decade
The World Bank alerts of the risk of a lost decade in its latest Global Outlook report.
Central Banks Attack Cryptocurrencies
The main central banks of the world are increasing money supply in an uncontrolled way in what is the largest transfer of wealth from savers to governments so far.
Bitcoin Pop, Gold Support And The US Dollar
What is happening with Bitcoin; is gold a good opportunity now and will the US Dollar recover in 2021 are topics discussed in this video.
Hyperinflation In 2021? Best Year In Two Decades? Outlook For 2021
In this interview we discuss the outlook for 2021, including inflation expectations, the US Dollar and the estimates that some investment banks have for the strongest recovery in two decades.
1 to 16 of 54 Posts
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