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Founder at Orcam Financial Group, LLC

Mr. Roche is the founder of Orcam Financial Group, LLC, a low fee financial services firm based in San Diego, CA as well as the founder of the popular financial website Pragmatic Capitalism. 

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Is The USA In A Recession?
While the media has traditionally referred to a recession as 2 quarters of negative GDP the White House and NBER disagree that the recent 2 quarter decline is consistent with a recession.
Is This The Return Of The 1970s?
It does look like year over year inflation peaked back in February, but the outlook going forward is more and more muddled as time goes on.
Is The Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status?
A look at reserve currencies and whether the U.S. Dollar is losing its status as the “King Dollar”.
Is It Time To Panic?
A look at the current market environment and how we can think about navigating it.
What’s Next For The Fed And Inflation
Housing and the recovery could pose the biggest risks to inflation upside.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts