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Claus Vistesen is a Danish economist who specializes in macroeconomics. His primary research interests include demographics, macroeconomics and international finance which he practices as a research editor in London. He holds Master’s degrees ... more


Time To Buy?
It’s pretty rough out there in financial markets. Stocks are still falling, notwithstanding the odd counter-rally here and there, and yields are still rising, leaving investors with little in the way of a place to hide.
Back To The Macro Basics
"Where are we in the business cycle?" is a question macroeconomists often are asked by investors.
The Inversion
To the extent that the inverted yield curve is associated with the expectation of an aggressive Fed hiking cycle in response to inflation, it presents investors with a number of straightforward bets. Here, I run through the three most obvious ones.
Are You Not Entertained?
It’s possible that the war in Ukraine eventually knocks growth to such an extent, via inflation driven demand destruction, as to bring both monetary and fiscal stimulus back on the table.
The Thousand Cuts
Equities seem to be in the throes of the death of a thousand cuts at the moment. The rebound towards the end of January from the initial swoon was reversed last week, and at this point, a new low is all but certain.
Where Is The Fed's Put?
This week has been dominated by a discussion market participants will be familiar with; the strike price of the Fed put. For the uninitiated, this is the threshold at which the FOMC will step in and support markets. So, where is it?


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I Spy, Volatility!
As sell-side strategists parse the entrails of positioning data, and update their greed & fear models, to guess whether markets are due a rebound, investors should not forget the big picture. The conditions for further weakness remain in place.

Work Experience

Chief Eurozone Economist
Pantheon Macroeconomics
April 2014 - Present (8 years 3 months)
Head of Research
Variant Perception
August 2011 - April 2014 (2 years 9 months)
Research Analyst
Lighthouse CPH
June 2009 - September 2010 (1 year 4 months)


The University of Hull
MRes Economics
2010 / 2011
Copenhagen Business School
Msc. Economics and Finance
2007 / 2010
Copenhagen Business School
Bsc. Management and Social Science
2004 / 2007