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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange.

At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming.

Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and ... more


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Will The Fed Lower Rates At The June Meeting?
Today we feature a short video on whether the Fed will cut rates at its next meeting in light of escalating trade wars and a sharper slowdown in the economy than it expected.
U.S. Trade Gap A Sign Of Economic Strength?!
The U.S. trade gap has been expanding, as the deficits continue to increase while purchases are financed with debt.
Russia To Lead New OPEC Pact?
The latest trend away from the dollar includes an effort by Russia to reshape the landscape of OPEC.
Silver Mint Sales Increase While Central Banks Continue To Buy Gold
Gold and silver prices are up on the year. And with good reason.
Former Fed Employee Shares What It Was Like During Sub Prime Crisis
The Federal Reserve remains a bit of a mystery to many in the financial markets.
How To Use Options As Currency Insurance
With many in the gold and silver community expecting a bull market in the near future, a large move is not being priced into the mining stock options market.
Crypto Roundtable – With Joel Valenzuela (Dash) And Robert Allen (Coincube)
With crypto prices on the low end of their one year range, many are left confused as to whether the bull market is over. Or if we’re still in the early stages of a growing movement.
Is Federal Reserve Losing Control Of Interest Rates
In recent weeks the rhetoric between president Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve has escalated. The Fed has been raising rates, yet as is often the case, the politicians don’t like the effect that has on the economy.
Is Cash In The Bank Riskier Than Gold?
Many market analysts often talk about the risks of owning assets like precious metals. Yet few ever discuss the true risks of holding cash in the bank.
Interest Rate Holds The Key To Stock Bubble
With the stock bubble teetering on collapse Greg Mannarino joined me on “Inside the Markets” to explain what investors should be watching and why the interest rates are so important.
Alex Newman – Does Trump Really Know That The Stock Market Is A Bubble
President Donald Trump talked about the stock market being a bubble while campaigning. Yet now that he’s in office he doesn’t want the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.
Joe Mazumda: What To Look For When Investing In Mining Stocks
With many precious metals investors looking for ways to make money while bullion prices are low, Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights joined Chris Marcus on "Inside the Markets" to share what he looks for when investing in mining stocks.
Michael Noonan: How The Debt Bubbles Will Be Resolved
Michael talks about the complex dynamics between the IMF, China, and Russia. How that will play out in the gold and silver markets. And whether he thinks a financial reset is on the way.
The Great Silver Debate
TalkMarkets contributors Mickey Fulp and Chris Marcus debated silver. Mickey is bearish on silver, while Chris is an all out silver bug. Hear both sides of the argument from these precious metals experts.
Peter Spina Explains Why Federal Reserve Is Changing Interest Rate Policy
After raising interest rates over the past 2 years, the Federal Reserve last week signaled that it may be about to change course. PEter Spina explains why.
Trading Options On Gold And Silver Miners
For those who are looking for a big move in the price of silver, there are some option trading opportunities that could pay off handsomely.
1 to 16 of 24 Posts
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