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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange.

At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming.

Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and ... more


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Silver Blows Through $28 Ahead Of Option Expiration
New silver manipulation settlement offer.
What You’re Not Being Told About Silver Right Now
While some have waited for as long as 41 years, the signs that the breakpoint is nearing continue to emerge at a rapidly accelerating rate.
Silver Tightness Spreads To London, While ETFs Add “Short Squeeze” Language Into Prospectuses
While the mainstream media continues to report how the silver squeeze was just a passing fad, anyone who looks for the truth finds a much different story.
SLV Admits Price Can Be Unrelated To Silver In Midnight Prospectus Change
SLV​ admits price can be unrelated to silver in midnight prospectus change Just when you start to think these silver bullion banks couldn't stoop to a new low, they put out a report downgrading the silver and mining sector.
Is Uranium The Next Silver?
One of the reasons why silver always seemed so fundamentally undervalued, was that only a few years ago, the price was actually below what it cost most miners to dig it out of the ground!
Takeaways From Day 2 Of Operation Silver Squeeze
It was a historic day in the silver market yesterday, as the entire sector rallied, while bullion dealers described the customer demand for silver as similar to “toilet paper in 2020.”
Silver Industry Responds To WallStreetBets Silverqueeze: David Morgan, Alasdair Macleod, And More
Now that the WallStreetBets group has turned its sights to silver, bullion dealers are getting sold out as the market awaits the Sunday night open.
Will First Majestic Silver Be Shortsqueezed Like GameStop On Monday?
One of the more intriguing storylines of this wild silver weekend is to consider what will happen with First Majestic Silver on Monday, Feb. 1. Watch this brief video for a look at some factors to consider as we move into the new week.
Andrew Maguire Previews Gold, Silver Option Expiration
Gold and silver options expiration is coming up this Tuesday, and this is one of the events where we have often seen the precious metals prices get hammered in advance.
Andrew Maguire: What Basel III Means For Gold & Silver
We’ve been hearing a lot about Basel III, but what does it really mean, and will it actually have an impact on gold and silver prices? To find out what silver manipulation expert Andrew Maguire thanks, watch this video now.
Gold, Silver Stocks Soar As Biden Is Inaugurated
Joe Biden was finally inaugurated as president, and the gold and silver stocks were on fire.
Dave Kranzler: Did The Fed Really Talk About Tapering
You may not believe this, but the Federal Reserve actually had the audacity to lie directly to your face yet again when they claimed that they are beginning to make a plan to taper their hyperinflation campaign.
Is Rising US Treasury Yield Making Investors Sell Gold?
There have been several headlines in the past week suggesting that investors are selling gold because the yield on the US Treasury has risen above the whopping level of 1%.
Russia Now Holds More Gold Than Dollars In International Reserves
While the US political establishment remains focused on making a complete spectacle out of itself, foreign counter-parties are noticing, with the latest evidence being that Russia now holds more gold than dollars in international reserves.
Is Silver A Better “Safe Haven” Than US Treasuries?
We’ve all grown up in a world that calls the U.S. Treasury the “Safe Haven asset.” Yet in reality, what Wall Street suggests is the safest place possible to put your money, is actually the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of organized finance.
London Paul: How Much Gold Does China Really Have
Over the past decade, the world has watched China import massive amounts of gold, despite their official figures rarely being updated.
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