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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange.

At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming.

Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and ... more


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The Next Financial Crisis Is At The Door
With Bitcoin showing no signs of life and consumer prices still exploding, there will only be one place to run: precious metals.
Could We Be Wrong About Silver?
Despite gold not being too far off of its all-time highs, silver sits near the $22 mark. Which raises a question: could the silver advocates be wrong?
We Are In The Final Inning Of Fiat As Markets Fall Apart
Stocks are crashing, bonds are crashing, Bitcoin is crashing, and yet silver appears stable. In this video, we discuss how silver remains resilient.
Speculators Have Completely Fled Silver
Stagflation today is nothing like the stagflation of 50 years ago that brought silver to $50. This round is just starting, and it's going to get worse.
Is The Final Liquidity Crunch Upon Us Already?
Where is the bottom in silver, and what is going on? We believe this could be the start of a liquidity crunch that flushes weak hands out of markets.
Physical Silver Premiums Spike To 17.83%
Silver premiums have continued to rise, and they got to as high as 17.83% this past week. Fortunately, this video explains what happened.
Will Precious Metal Manipulation Ever End?
While there are many signs that the end of manipulation could be near, Yarra is delighted to be joined by Rob Kientz of Gold Silver Pros to discuss this nagging question that pops up.
Here's What Happens To Silver When Russia Moves To A Gold Ruble
Russia is moving to make the ruble convertible to gold. Once this is done, the bottom will drop out of the dollar and the public will panic-buy silver.
Commodities Market Commentary: How The Russia-Ukraine War Can Impact The Market
To hear the latest updates with Russia, Ukraine, inflation, nickel, and silver in this timely interview with Rafi Farber and Ran Gavriely,, click to watch this video now!
Is Russia About To Back The Ruble With Gold?
It was another chaotic week in the financial markets, as Russian banks had to stop selling gold after being overwhelmed by demand. Let's take a look.
Has Silver Passed The Breakpoint Of No Return?
The pressure in the #silvermarket is building quickly. And now even the COMEX price is starting to move violently upwards. Which raises the question, have we passed the breakpoint of no return?
Is Silver Finally At The Breakout?
Are we finally at the breakout in the silver price? The Weekly End Game Investor Silver Report leaves us with an intriguing comment to think about in this week's video.
Legendary Investors Jim Rogers & Warren Buffet Talk Silver
In this video, I revisit a discussion I had a few years ago with Jim Rogers. I also revisit a conversation Warren Buffet had about precious metals.
Paper Suppresses The Silver Price
Rafi Farber brings "indisputable proof" to this week's Silver Report.
How Much Silver Would You Need To Buy A House In The US?
We talk with Rafi Farber about all the silver technicals including pricing a house in silver ounces.
Will Silver Supply Be Able To Keep Up With Demand?
If the market has already been in a deficit for the last 2 years (at least according to the Silver Institute’s numbers), will there be enough silver going forward to meet all of this demand?
1 to 16 of 223 Posts
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