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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange.

At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming.

Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and ... more


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Why Is Fed Chairman Powell Already Talking About QE?
While the Federal Reserve and President Trump continue to tell the country that the economy is great, despite unending repo bailouts on a nightly basis, there was an interesting comment by Fed chairman Jerome Powell.
The Mining Stock “Pre-Production Sweet Spot”
What if there was a particular portion of the life cycle of a mining stock that had a high probability of returning a large portion of the gains?
Tesla – Better Than Sliced Bread, Or An Electric Tulip Bulb
With the price of Tesla stock skyrocketing over $900 per share this week, despite being under $300 only a few months ago, but still unprofitable, the debate rages on as to whether it’s better than sliced bread, or an electric tulip bulb.
Palladium Price Soars: Recessionary Canary In The Coal Mine?
While most of Wall Street is focused on the latest stock and bond bubbles the Federal Reserve has inflated, less attention has been on the precious metals.
With Gold And Silver Higher, Is It Too Late To Invest In The Mining Stocks
After last year's rally in the gold and silver markets, many of the mining stocks experienced significant gains. Which was good for those who were invested. But raises the question at this point, is it now too late to join in?
FV Silver Update: Looking For Big Moves In Silver This Year
I discuss the silver market and how I see everything playing out.
Jim Rogers: When People Lose Faith In Government They Always Buy Gold And Silver
It hasn’t been the easiest past eight years for those who saw rampant central bank money printing and government debt and responded by buying gold and silver.
Phil Kennedy: Why Would Anyone Want To Buy Silver
With silver currently so out of favor with just about everybody in the financial investing world, why would anybody want to buy it?
Silver Stocks To Consider In The Upcoming Silver Rally
It’s interesting to notice how people arrive at the conclusion of gold and silver from so many different areas of life. Perhaps because the metals answer so many questions that Wall Street’s institutions can’t.
The Bubbles Are Bursting Now – With Rory Hall
Many in the gold and silver community have warned for years about the eventual problems and cost of decades of government and Federal Reserve mismanagement.
Uranium Price Trades Below Cost Of Production – With Louis James
So while the market has been sitting below the cost of production for some time now, and it’s unclear exactly when these dynamics will change, for long-term investors it’s one of the best risk-reward profiles currently available.
Silver, LBMA, COMEX, And Lease Rates – With David Jensen
With the central banks cranking the presses around the globe, that’s putting a big bid in the precious metals markets.
Why Does Warren Buffett Hate Gold So Much?
Warren Buffett often talks about how gold is a “barbarous relic”. As well as how “the magical metal is no match for the American mettle”.
Will Deutsche Bank Crash The Markets
Deutsche Bank had a big restructure over the weekend. Leaving many concerned that a potential failure could be the spark to crash the markets.
Will The Fed Lower Rates At The June Meeting?
Today we feature a short video on whether the Fed will cut rates at its next meeting in light of escalating trade wars and a sharper slowdown in the economy than it expected.
U.S. Trade Gap A Sign Of Economic Strength?!
The U.S. trade gap has been expanding, as the deficits continue to increase while purchases are financed with debt.
1 to 16 of 38 Posts
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