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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange.

At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming.

Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and ... more


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Why Silver Stocks Will Jump Because Of Options Impact
Today we'll dive deep into options trading and the potential result of price increases of certain silver mining stocks.
Silver Price Fell 11% In 2021 Despite Record Demand, And A Market Deficit For The 2nd Straight Year
Does it seem odd that the silver price fell over 11% in 2021, despite it being a record year of demand, while the market was also in a deficit for the 2nd straight year?
Silver Continues To Leave SLV And Go Into PSLV
While the silver price remains in the same range it’s been in over the past year, the inflows in and out of SLV and PSLV tell a different story beneath the surface.
The Gold And Silver Companies Are Making A Lot Of Money: Kai Hoffman
Even with gold and silver prices off their highs of the year, the mining companies are still making a lot of money at current levels.
Silver To Snap Back Faster When Metals Rally
Following a week of unprecedented Federal Reserve action, the price of silver got clobbered again. But, that doesn’t seem to match what’s happening in the real world, which Shawn Khunkhun of Dolly Varden Silver joined Chris Marcus to discuss.
Are We Nearing The Breakpoint In The Silver Market?
After getting a thorough simulation of what it feels like to watch paint dry over the past eight years, the silver market is finally showing some signs of life.
Gold And Silver – What Happens To The Price When Retail Customers Buy?
Traditionally when bubbles form in markets, it’s because everyone is clamoring to own that specific asset.
If Venezuela Can’t Get It’s Gold Back – Who’s Next?
Venezuela has requested to have its gold repatriated. To which so far the Bank of England has refused to comply.
Bank Warns Federal Reserve To Reverse Course
How much longer it takes the markets to resolve the imbalances remains unknown. But all the signs that the day of reckoning is rapidly approaching are there.
Precious Metals Vs. Stocks – Round 1
Ever since reaching their price highs in 2011, gold and silver have been pummeled over the past seven years while the US stock market has essentially tripled since its 2009 low. Given where we stand today, what’s the better option going forward?
The More Rates Rise, The Sooner The Bubbles Pop
The Fed continued to indicate a positive economic outlook, and that it’s full steam ahead with interest rate increases. But the more interest rates go up, the more likely the bubbles in the stock, bond, and real estate markets are to pop.
Deutsche Bank Downgrade And European Contagion
A month after being put on watch, Deutsche Bank was finally downgraded on June 1. And the markets will be watching to see what happens next. That Deutsche Bank was finally downgraded comes as little surprise.
Conditions For Precious Metals Short-Squeeze Continue To Fall In Place
The signs are there for those who chose to look. And responding with physical ownership of gold and silver, especially at current levels, remains one of the best ways of preparing for what’s about to come.
Is The Dollar Offering Its Final Warning?
Imagine for a moment the hypothetical situation where the reign of King Dollar as we know it has come to an end. I
Cryptos Not Dead After All?
Much to the chagrin of the crypto critics, it appears as if Bitcoin and the other cryptos have gotten off the mat and aren’t dead just yet.
If Rates Rise, What Happens To Stocks?
What’s possibly always been the most likely pin to prick the bubbles has been a rising interest rate environment. Which is exactly what we’re experiencing right now.
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