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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange. At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming. Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and positioned their money in ...more


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Gold And Silver COMEX December Delivery Preview: Bob Coleman
Many analysts and traders are expecting record-setting delivery numbers for gold and silver in the COMEX December delivery month.
Silver Price Spikes Again, Shorts Are Getting Pounded
Silver had a historic late-night Sunday rally, and now some of the banks and funds that are short are really racking up some big losses.
Well Known Big Investors Are Now Buying Gold
The list of well known investors who are buying and recommending gold continues to grow. Ronald-Peter Stöferle, of the “#InGoldWeTrust” report and a fund manager for #Incrementum was kind of enough to join me on the show and discuss.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts