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Mr. Trump Should Not Fall Into The Fascist Trap; Disagreements Are The Spice Of Life

Date: Friday, December 16, 2016 12:07 PM EDT

The Fascist trap snaps innocently as a misunderstanding of the function of disagreements, and leads to disastrous consequences for individual persons as well as nations.

President-elect Trump should be constantly aware of it. If he falls into it, our country will be ruined; our economy will be ruined.

The trap snaps over and over again because it is rooted in misconceptions at the highest level of the intellect.

Its foundations lie in the banishing of the unconformable logical principle of non-contradiction. You cannot say things that are contradictory. Since you are liable to confuse yourself and others, contradictions were not allowed in civilized discourse for thousands of years.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a major German philosopher, came along a couple of centuries ago and asserted that we can do without that principle. Ever since then, the world has entered an age of turmoil: everything goes.

Confusion might have been confined to the world of the intellect if it had not been taken hold in the political discourse. There it was transformed into this maxim by Giovanni Gentile, an Italian philosopher. He was a Fascist. He said: You cannot contradict the speaker; the speaker is always right.

The practical reason is evident: If anyone is allowed to contradict the speaker, the speaker loses face in front of his followers. He loses legitimacy.

If the speaker is a political figure, he will use a set of increasingly strong measures to avoid being contradicted: neglect, silencing, threats of any sort, beatings, incarceration, homicide.

Clearly, at that point the majority of the people realize that the “face” of the dictator is not worth the candle; opposition gets organized; violence is answered with violence; civil war ensues. The dictator is deposed. But at what cost the dictator and to the nation?

Was all the mayhem ever justified?

Mayhem is what Mr. Trump can expect; mayhem is what America can expect, if Mr. Trump does not learn to control his first instinctual reactions through a more reasoned approach.

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Alexa Graham 4 years ago Member's comment

I believe technology will be #Trump's downfall. In the old days, people could get away with making ridiculous comments, and their PR firms or press secretary's could intervene before they took a life of their own. But information disseminates instantly and globably these days. Tools like #Twitter ($TWTR), which Trump seems to adore, give him the ability to let all of America know his true, inappropriate thoughts before his team can tweak them.

Terrence Howard 4 years ago Member's comment

My fear is that #Trump will end up getting impeached and then #Pence will take over. Trump has no filter - all of America knows his true thoughts and how unprepared he is to be president. But Pence is very smooth. You'd never know how much more radical than Trump Pence really is. He sounds like the voice of reason, but he's even a greater threat to America than Trump.