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Carmine Gorga is president of The Somist Institute and a former Fulbright Scholar.  He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and five books; other publications are at various stages of preparation. He has a ... more


Project Financial Independence
The pandemic offers the opportunity to create financial independence for us and our children, without the contribution of one cent from the affluent.
From 4 Rights To 4 Economic Policies
Each and every product of our agricultural, industrial, or commercial activity is a result of the amalgamation of these four economic rights.
We Must Redirect Our National Credit
Two tasks are urgent today: We must cancel all debt in a systematic way, we must redirect our national credit from Wall Street to Main Street.
Let Us Not Pervert Keynes’ Thought
With some modifications, we might shortly be able to create a Bancor regimen largely the way Keynes conceived it.
It Is 1% Capitalism That Is The Problem
Economic inequality is the central economic problem. Even economists know that. But they search for the causes of inequality everywhere but in the economy.
Two Crucial Issues In Foreign Trade
The topic of foreign trade remains somewhat foggy until two crucial issues are brought to the fore: hoarding and ownership of wealth.


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The Economic Content Of The "Our Father" Prayer (Abridged)
7 months ago

If you read this article, you'll see why I have been for quite some time a pain in the neck of many - but not all - academic economists. It seems now that Theologians do not like me that much either. When will "common" men and women come to the rescue? THEIR RESCUE AS WELL AS MINE. 

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The Economic Content Of The "Our Father" Prayer (Abridged)
The whole of Concordian economics is contained in the “Our Father.” Concordian economics will grant us all financial independence. Financial independence means that we cannot be any richer; we are as rich as we want to be, as rich as we can be.
From Four Rights To Four Economic Policies
Fifty years of research and publication on economic rights and responsibilities... only recently did I realize I have to present them as national economic policies.
We Want A Systematic Cancellation Of All Debts. Not Student Debt Alone
If we systematically cancel debts every seven years, as Moses asked Israelites to do; and if we create new money in accordance with three rules of Concordian monetary policy, we are going to create a world of economic freedom and economic justice.
A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Cassidy-Graham Bill, Through Concordian Economics 101
Doctors, nurses, hospitals, insurance firms stand to lose from Graham-Cassidy. Wealthy taxpayers might also suffer from potential reduction in GNP and a possible crash sparked by withdrawal of billions of dollars allotted as tax deductions.
Some Tasks Ahead Of Us In Community Development
This is a discussion of three Internet petitions, which are designed to integrate the financial needs of national and local community economic development.
Mr. Trump Should Not Fall Into The Fascist Trap; Disagreements Are The Spice Of Life
Disagreements can lead to Fascism. Mr. Trump and the nation are especially threatened by by this possibility now. Mr. Trump and the nation ought to consider disagreements as the spice of life -- that generally lead to innovations and new life,

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