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Through Explosive Options, Lang acts as an options trading mentor, providing trade ideas based on what he’s doing for his own clients.

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Beware Of This Latest Bear Market Rally
Keep your eye on charts. The market itself will tell you how to proceed.
Market Analysis And Chart Review - October 3rd
In today’s Daily Bite, I discuss Futures, S&P 500, Nasdaq, VIX, XLF, and AAII.
Market Analysis And Chart Review - Monday, Nov. 22
A discussion about the VIX, Russell 2000, Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods.
Las Vegas Sands: Rolling The Dice For Higher Prices
High volume selling in the spring knocked the Sands stock back hard. Since then, a series of higher highs and higher lows have pushed the stock back up to the 200ma.
Shopify Caters To Stock Buyers, Too
It’s hard to find a stronger chart than Shopify right now. This name has ripped higher off the March lows – it’s up 180% – and is up nicely for the entire year.
Tradeweb Blasts Higher And Moves Ahead Of The Pack
Only a small handful of stocks are hitting new all-time highs, and Tradeweb is one of them. It has moved up sharply on some impressive turnover.
Alphabet Flexes Its Muscle Through All-Time Highs
After Alphabet reported monster earnings for Q4, the hot money stepped aside in a hurry. The stock fell 53 points the day after it rose 54 points – a net zero gain.
The Art Of Selling Options To Earn Income
Does it surprise you to learn that many options traders become paralyzed when it comes to selling options?
Deckers Outdoor Is Running Towards A Move Higher
Since it plummeted in late July, Deckers's stock has been recovering. The double bottom test of the lows was successful.
Splunk Stock Is Ready To Rise
Cloud and data names have been on fire in 2019, and Splunk is one of the hottest stocks in the sector.
Home Depot Is Rebuilding A Strong Chart
Home Depot has staged a remarkable comeback after a miserable finish for 2018. Even its strong earnings report in November was no match for the wicked selling blitz that hit, well, everyone.
AMD Surges To Start A New Uptrend
Advanced Micro Devices has been around for years, though it’s often overshadowed by Intel and Nvidia.
AutoDesk Shows A Potentially Bullish Pattern
The stock market continues to correct various sectors, and even a strong earnings report for companies like AutoDesk don’t lead to much traction.
First Solar Is Blazing A Trail Higher
Monday, March 19 was a wretched day for the markets and an even worse day for the technology sector.
What’s Next For The Top Internet Stocks
How has Amazon completely changed the landscape for many industries? If the competition for Netflix is heating up, are they prepared for a fight?
What Are Commodities Telling Us About The Markets?
Has the market peaked or is it gaining energy for the next run higher? What’s next for crude?
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