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Volatility In The Age Of Coronavirus: Beware The Sky-High VIX Readings
Higher volatility leads to higher prices for options, both calls and puts. Index puts, which I often urge you to buy to protect your portfolio from volatility, are expensive right now.
It’s Time To Pause Your Trading Strategy
The future is incredibly uncertain right now, and the markets are grappling with it. Will the markets correct next week or next month? We just don’t know. When that is the case, it’s best to just sit on your hands.
Higher Volatility Is Here – Here’s Why I’m Embracing It
Higher volatility has left traders and investors on edge. Big money is moving fast in today’s environment.
Adobe Shifts Into A Higher Gear
When stocks came off their sugar high recently, so did Adobe. However, the stock only dropped about 20%, putting it just above the reliable 100ma.
Markets Caught The Coronavirus, And Fear Has Taken Hold
Just two weeks ago, stocks were hitting all-time highs. Last week, markets caught the coronavirus. Unfortunately, once fear takes hold, it spreads quickly – much like the virus itself.
How Will A Coronavirus Pandemic Affect The Markets?
Over the weekend, news broke that we could be facing a coronavirus pandemic. As we all know, the markets hate uncertainty – so what does that mean for us traders?
Alphabet Flexes Its Muscle Through All-Time Highs
After Alphabet reported monster earnings for Q4, the hot money stepped aside in a hurry. The stock fell 53 points the day after it rose 54 points – a net zero gain.
How To Overcome Your Trading Fears
After a strong year during which markets were up double digits, many traders are worried.
How To Trade Uncertain Markets
It’s been a while since traders have worried about, well, anything. As the coronavirus spreads, so too does fear. And that means we need to adjust our strategy so we can trade uncertain markets.
Intel Is Still The King Of The Chips
Intel has risen from the ashes and transformed itself into a powerhouse. With a new management team in place, the company seems to be headed in the right direction.
Successful Options Traders Don’t Fight The Markets
After a stellar fourth quarter, traders, investors, analysts – heck, everyone! – believed stocks were due for a rest. Yet somehow, the markets keep going up.
The Art Of Selling Options To Earn Income
Does it surprise you to learn that many options traders become paralyzed when it comes to selling options?
How To Manage Extreme Market Sentiment
Market sentiment is extreme right now, which has many analysts asking when the rally will end. Your instinct may be to hit the exit before everyone else does.
CyberArk Is In The Right Place At The Right Time
Cyberterrorism is a serious and growing threat to the world’s security. Only a handful of publicly-traded companies are ready to fight that battle, and one of them is CyberArk.
EC HH Is The Santa Claus Rally Coming To Wall Street?
Dec. 24 marks the first day of the famous Santa Claus rally period, which runs from the last five trading days of the year through the first two of the new year - i.e., thru Jan. 3.
The FANG Stocks Are Still Pretty Sharp
The FANG stocks are still relevant and looking for higher prices in 2020. It may not be like the days of old, but these solid companies should weather any storm the markets may encounter.
1 to 16 of 165 Posts
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