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What Is Today’s Stock Market Saying About The Economy?
Today’s stock market is the closest thing to a crystal ball as you can get. It is a forward-looking instrument, and the only one that accurately predicts future economic activity.
IPO Mania: Don’t Get Sucked In
The mania is a big smoke-and-mirror show. Valuation is often wildly out of step with the company’s actual worth, and profits are often years away.
Technical And Sentiment Indicators Just Turned Bullish
Both the technical picture and sentiment indicators have turned bullish. Just a couple of weeks ago, traders couldn’t get rid of their stocks fast enough. Today, they can’t get enough.
Can The Current Wall Of Worry Push Markets To New Highs?
With market sentiment tilted towards the bears, a wall of worry is up.
DocuSign: Bulls Are Signing On The Dotted Line
In late July of this year, the stock came crashing down. It has been climbing back steadily thanks to solid earnings.
Commission-Free Options Trading Is A Game Changer
This new, zero-commissions model is a bold one.
Why A Recession In 2019 Might Happen
The “R word” has made its way into the mainstream media, and believe it or not, their doomsday predictions could cause a recession in 2019. Why? Most recessions are a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Is It Time To Take A Break From Trading?
As an active trader or investor, you might be wondering if it’s time to take a break from trading.
The VIX Is Ready For A Big Move
For nearly the entire month of August, the VIX​ has been elevated. All that means simply is big moves are happening.
Sentiment Indicators Look Bearish After A Volatile Summer
This summer has been a rollercoaster ride for traders. After a bullish month in June, July and August were marked by extreme volatility.
Why The Stock Market Can Go Up And Down At The Same Time
With earnings season just around the corner, we might see some strong trends continue and/or become more established. It might also be a good excuse for the stock market to take a respite.
What Market Action Will The Second Half Of 2019 Bring?
Buckle up. Market action is going to take us on a wild ride during the second half of 2019.
How Stock Trading Has Changed Over Time (Aka, This Is Not Your Father’s Market)
As we celebrated Father’s Day this past weekend, I began to think about how stock trading has changed over time. Market structure and trading activity is far different than a generation or two ago – and it will continue to evolve.
Trader Psychology Could Cause A Recession This Year
Is a recession on the horizon? An important factor no one really talks about is trader psychology, which could cause a recession this year.
Sell In May And Go Away? Only If Markets Say So
When the markets enjoy a very strong start to the year – like this year – traders begin to get nervous around now. That’s where the “sell in May” myth comes from.
How To Use Volume Levels And Trends To Guide Your Trading
As an options trader who uses technical analysis, one of the first things you probably learned is that volume is key. That’s only part of the story.
1 to 16 of 139 Posts
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