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This Is The Economic Data The Fed Uses
When you’re trying to make sense of economic data, leave bias out of your interpretation. They are just numbers, after all.
Market Blast – Thursday, March 16
Futures are down again this morning as the fallout from the banking issues continue to be felt. Regional banks are feeling stress today as stocks like First Republic are down severely. Stocks are in a downtrend.
XLF – Chart Of The Week
The XLF was making new relative highs back in the mid-part of February, but the MACD said, not so fast, Mr. Bull on the financials.
Market Blast – Wednesday, March 8
A nasty little move Tuesday stoked by Chair Powell’s hawkish testimony meant buyers from last week were now trapped. He reiterated that rates are going higher for longer! Eventually markets will wake up, but for now we’ll simply ride out the trends.
What Lower Volatility Means For Options Traders
Many traders have expressed frustration with the VIX, or the volatility index, lately because it’s showing lower volatility in the markets.
Suffering From Trading Losses? How To Get Back In The Game
To snap out of a losing streak, we are forced to change our behavior and reset our mindset.
Market Fundamentals Win In The Long Run
As you navigate the treacherous waters known as the stock market, it is helpful to remember that market action has different drivers depending on the time frame.
How To Improve Your Options Trading Skills This Year
A look at three ways to improve your options trading skills.
Ten Years Later, FANG Stocks Are Far From Finished
Like any company, FANG stocks have had their share of troubles. Nevertheless, their business models have remained solid.
What The Breadth Indicators Are Telling Us
Breadth indicators help us determine the health of the markets and whether a trend is sustainable or short-lived.
Bullish Sentiment Has Become Overwhelming
Bullish sentiment has come on strong this month – never mind that we are still in a bear market.
Fear Of Loss Should Guide Your Trading Right Now
FOMO has gripped many people lately, but their biggest fear right now should be the fear of loss.
Pay Attention To Price Action In 2023
There are a host of indicators that aren’t aligned with what we’re seeing in the stock market. The most glaring example is the VIX, or volatility index.
Top Options Trading Tips For 2022
If you look at price action on the S&P 500 across different timeframes, each timeframe will provide a new perspective.
Stop Second-Guessing The Fed
When you decide to go against the Fed, you’re going to eventually lose. They have an unlimited timeline and a blank checkbook.
Seasonal Trends Are Not A Guarantee
From mid-November through December, sentiment and seasonal trends dominate the headlines and drive market action.
1 to 16 of 255 Posts
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