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Time To Slow Down And Protect Your Market Gains
The stock market has rallied sharply so far this year, and we have yet to see the type of pullback that scares the living daylights out of us. This is the perfect time to slow down and protect your market gains.
Ignore The Pundits: The Markets Look Strong
The financial media, pundits, experts, and noisy Twitter feeds are a distraction, especially now. If you listen to the market message, you’ll know that markets look strong.
It’s Ok To Take A Break From Trading
A few losses can lead to a trading slump. I’ve been there many, many times. When this happens, it’s ok to take a break from trading.
How Influential Is The Federal Reserve?
Current Fed policy was put in place to support the economy and protect it (and 330 million Americans) from a second devastating Great Depression. It has worked.
The Bond Market Vs The Fed
An epic battle between the bond market and the Fed is setting up.
Risk Management Could Have Created More GameStop Millionaires
Every trader claims to follow rules. While some trading rules are sound philosophies and keep you grounded, only one is critical to your success: good risk management.
Short Selling Is A Vital Trading Activity
If everyone leans bullish (or bearish) the boat can tip over. This is why we need short sellers.
GameStop And The Short Squeeze: A Classic Trading Move
As we saw with GameStop, the timing of a short squeeze is critical. Once the word got out to buy these shares, it was game on. But now it appears the game is over.
What’s In Store For The 2021 Stock Market
We are not even finished with January, and we’ve already experienced a whirlwind of activity.
Current Stock Market Action Has Me Worried
The economy is in a shambles. People are struggling to stay afloat financially and keep a roof over their heads, and businesses large and small are closing.
Overbought Vs Overvalued Stocks: What’s The Difference?
Many investors and traders are looking at the market and wondering how in the heck they can continue higher. A lot of the frenzy is being driven by overbought and overvalued stocks.
Be Careful When Riding A Hot Trend
It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy, so be careful when riding a hot trend. They have the tendency to get out of control.
When To Follow A Contrarian Trading Strategy
Nobody rings a bell at the top or bottom to let you know it’s time to sell or buy. You need to follow the indicators to understand where the sentiment lies.
The Economic Outlook For 2021 According To The Markets
According to the markets, the economic outlook for 2021 is a good one. They’re telling us the economy is getting back on track and will enjoy strong growth in the months ahead.
Volatility Crashed Down – It’s Time To Move Past The Election
Uncertainty was plaguing the markets as we headed into the fall months. Between the pandemic and presidential election, worries over what’s next sent volatility sky-high. Last week, volatility crashed down.
SPX 500 Analysis: What The Daily And Monthly Charts Are Telling Us
With panic in the air, the daily chart is rolling over hard. The VIX is at 38, and the put/call ratio is rising.
1 to 16 of 190 Posts
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