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My name is Michael Taylor. I founded Bankers Anonymous because, as a recovering banker, I believe that the gap between the financial world as I know it and the public discourse about finance is more than just a problem for a family trying to balance their checkbook, or politicians trying to score ...more


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Video For Entrepreneurs – Personal Financial Statement
A regional microlender named Accion Texas helps entrepreneurs get started on the process of building small businesses.
TED Talk Video On Inequality From A Plutocrat
I think we should talk about inequality far more than we do. Even if I do not agree with the speaker, I would like to engage in the dialogue with anyone who speaks intelligently about the topic.
Video For Entrepreneurs: Tracking Startup Capital In A Spreadsheet
I periodically produce instructional videos for a local micro lender named Accion Texas. They support and lend to young and startup companies that might otherwise get overlooked by the traditional banking industry.
Video: Russian TV On Bankers’ Stressful Lives
I did an interview recently for RT London, which I gather is sort of Putin’s version of a Russian CNN or Qatar’s Al Jazeera. Just more sensational.
Video: Think Like A Bank
Think like a bank (or investor) by understanding the "Yield" part of the Compound Interest formula. One person's interest cost is another person's return on capital.
Video: The Compound Interest Formula – A Rainbow Bridge
In my ongoing quest to convince an indifferent world that the compound interest formula will clothe the downtrodden and otherwise save the planet, I offer this video explanation for what the compound interest formula does.
TED Talk On Inequality: Insights From Rigged Monopoly Games
Social scientists rig a Monopoly game to see how people’s behavior is affected with changes in socioeconomic status. And they tested other games to study the effects of money on empathy. You may not be surprised but you will be interested.
Government As Primary Innovator?
We often hear ;why doesn’t the government just get out of the way and let the private sector innovate?' Government is actually one of our most exciting risk-takers and market-shapers.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts