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My name is Michael Taylor.  I founded Bankers Anonymous because, as a recovering banker, I believe that the gap between the financial world as I know it and the public discourse about finance is more than just a problem for a family trying to balance their checkbook, or politicians trying ... more


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Apollo Global Purchases Rackspace - Is It A Good Deal?
Leon Black’s Apollo Global had agreed to purchase San Antonio cloud-hosting firm Rackspace for $4.3 billion.
My BBC NewsHour Commentary – On “Virtous Banking”
The analogy I wanted to use (but didn’t) is that if you replace ‘profit’ with something more virtuous it would be like telling a professional soccer team that the plan is no longer to score goals, but rather to ensure more passes between teammates.
Podcast Interview: Lars Kroijer (Part II) – On Having An Edge In The Markets
In this discussion with author Lars Kroijer, we talk about the main assumption of his book Investing Demystified: ‘beating the market’ lies somewhere between highly unlikely and impossible. The goal for individuals should be, instead, to earn market returns.
The Efficient Market Hypothesis: The 7 Levels Of Nate Silver
One of the most important, but controversial, ideas of investing is the ‘efficient market’ hypothesis...
1 to 4 of 4 Posts