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My name is Michael Taylor. I founded Bankers Anonymous because, as a recovering banker, I believe that the gap between the financial world as I know it and the public discourse about finance is more than just a problem for a family trying to balance their checkbook, or politicians trying to score ...more


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HYSA Vs Money Market
Why do I keep getting ads about high-yield savings accounts? What is the benefit of a HYSA? Is a money market better than a high-yield savings account or should I be doing something else with my emergency fund while it sits there?
Gravedancing On Crypto
What non-crypto enthusiasts hate is people pumping up fake securities to investors and stealing money, which happens an awful lot in the free-wheeling markets of this promising area of financial technology.
Social Security And The WEP
According to Social Security, about 2 million people are subject to something called the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) which reduces Social Security benefits in retirement.
The Good Times
The US economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021, well above trend, nicely undoing the steep Covid recession of 2020 that shrunk the economy by 3.4 percent. Financial media doesn’t want to admit it, but these are the good times, right now.
Book Review: The Four Pillars Of Investing
The four pillars of Bernstein’s title are the theory, history, psychology, and business of investing. Bernstein offers a lightning round – a mere 200 pages – describing what you need to know about these four topics.
Welcome To The Metaverse
From the distance of the future, we will remember 2021 as the year the metaverse began to take shape. As the building blocks of this new world come into focus let’s begin with the obvious and timely.
Public Service Announcement: Robinhood Is Not Your Friend
We permit harmful vices all the time in a free society among consenting adults – but there should be warning labels and limits and deep discouragements and heavy taxes and all the speedbumps to prevent people from doing themselves much harm.
Don’t Forget International Stocks
What exactly is the point of investing in international stocks, especially those that just seem to do worse than US stocks over a decade?
Hater’s Guide To Tesla
With Tesla announcing plans to build a manufacturing plant in Central Texas – and with the possibility of company headquarters arriving as well – many in this state will rejoice. Not me. 
The Great Economic Leap Forward Experiment
While medical researchers race against time to find effective treatments for COVID-19, we have launched ourselves headlong into an economic experiment in federal policy on effectively treating a recession.
Meditations On The 100 Year View
The vernal equinox came early – March 19th. The earliest in more than a century. The earth’s natural rotation means that an equal amount of night and day hit all US time zones earlier in the year than at any time since 1896.
Oil And Gas For The Little Guy
Oil and gas investments are famously opaque and high-cost opportunities. But here's an opportunity for the little guy...
Hurricane Harvey Macro And Micro Impact
Two and a half years after Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas Gulf Coast, the first surprising thought is how quickly the Texas economy has recovered, and how quickly households have recovered.
I Hate Tesla
The most important rule for writing a business bog – at least my most inviolate rule – is to never, ever, forecast or make “market calls,” on individual stocks.
Maverick Whiskey – Small Business As A Legacy Project
At first glance, sure, Maverick Whiskey – it’s a small startup. On closer examination, we see it is much more...
Book Review: Permanent Record By Edward Snowden
Although Snowden’s subject is mostly government data collection on civilians, it dovetails with what I think is the major story of 2019, the rise of private-sector data collection about our personal lives.
1 to 16 of 158 Posts
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