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Editor-In-Chief at Palisade Research
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My name is Adem Tumerkan and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Palisade Research. 

I'm 26 years old. Born contrarian and skeptic. I like the mining sector but I'm really a contrarian/value investor that ... more


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Gold, Bond, And Now Stock Investors Doubt The Fed
That is why we haven't seen gold drop below $1000. This is why long term bonds, like the 10 & 30 year, are falling while the Fed hikes. This is why the stock investors aren't fleeing from stocks offering higher yields and equities prices continue up.
Illinois Headed For Junk Rating And Its Just Beginning
Illinois has a defunct government that is at odds. They haven't had a state budget for over 700 days. And pension liabilities are out of control. Being junked will crippled their credit access. We have seen this picture before & it never ends well.
Clinton, Trump And Gold: Become Antifragile In A Fragile World
How will the election impact investors & what asset classes stand to benefit the most?
Lone Wolf Investing: Why Should You Listen Or Care About My Work?
There are 24 hours a day that individuals will never get back. In that case, what makes someone losing 10 minutes of their precious time to listen to me? What makes me different and worth listening too? How can I help investors become wealthier? Time will tell.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts