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Unveiling The Fragile Global Economy: The Fading Credit Impulse
The global economy is growing ever more fragile as credit tightens everywhere. Leading to slower growth, asset price volatility, and deflation.
The Deflation Dilemma: Unmasking The Silent Threat That’s Increasing Economic Fragility
A look at the deflationary trend and why it’s increasing systemic fragility and shouldn’t be underestimated going forward
Raising The U.S. Debt Ceiling Is Going To Drain Liquidity
As the Treasury refills its coffers, liquidity drains from the banking system, further stressing the financial system.
Why The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Matters More Than Ever In Today’s Global Economy
The Austrian Business Cycle theory is an important concept that helps explain the cycles of boom and bust in the economy.
‘Credit-Crunched’: U.S. And Euro Banks Keep Tightening Credit Amid Weaker Loan Demand
Banks in the U.S. and Eurozone continue to tighten credit at sharp rates across all loan categories. But the more worrying trend for growth is the declining demand for loans.
'A Flawed Idea’: Why A BRICS Currency Is Overrated And Unlikely To Work
It’s not impossible for a BRICS currency to happen - but it would require a significant amount of pain that these countries don’t want to endure. If they get serious about really de-dollarizing, they will have to completely rebalance their economies.


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Snap Fails To Generate Interest And Value
6 years ago

Great article and Agree

In this article: SNAP
Face Off: Stocks Vs. Bonds And The Economic Outlook
6 years ago

I just wrote an article also discussing the divergence. To me its more the Bond market vs the Fed. Bond investors expecting deflation and recession and disbelieving the Feds optimism for inflation and higher growth.

I also use the recent data showing falling loan origination markets...

If the Fed continues hiking and long term rates keep falling as economic data worsens, we're looking at an inverted yield curve. Which almost certainly will mean a recession.

Good article Sir.

Something Big Happened In The Gold Market: Must See Charts
6 years ago

Well done article

In this article: GLD
Jayant Bhandari: Gold Miners Overpriced
7 years ago

Only that mining equities were overvalued

In this video: GDX, GDXJ, GLD
Jayant Bhandari: Gold Miners Overpriced
7 years ago

Great interview - well done. Always a pleasure to hear Jayant's insight. But I must say I disagree with him on this one.

In this video: GDX, GDXJ, GLD
Gold Flows East – Silver Follows
7 years ago

Very good work - it's ridiculous the imbalance between people's perceptions of gold and its reality

In this article: GLD, SLV
Pundits 'Hunting' For 'Signs Of A Bear'
7 years ago

excellent article - a very good source of "real" data that major media hubs are absent of showing.

What Exactly Is The Fed Thinking? Avoid Catching Falling Knives
7 years ago

I think of it as more of a carefully approached speculation, similar to chess, about the only options the Fed has.

Recession is here this they need to cut/go negative/QE

Or they try to not embarrass themselves after touting how well the economy is doing, warranting a rate hike, and keep the hikes going to keep confidence in them - and plunge he economy into a great recession.

Either or both roads lead to the same path.

The Ghost Of The Feds Past: Rate Hikes, Rate Cuts, And The Great Collapse
7 years ago

I also dont think it is the sole reason either.

But mentioning China, they had a similar volatile and our markets also plunged in August, just as the crowd as positive the Fed would hike rates - then they didnt and markets rocketed.

The data is clear, we are in a recession.

Alot of the issues you just named are symptoms of a strong dollar in my opinion (or atleast the strong dollar added to the damage).

In this article: GLD, BP, CHK, HAL, M, WMT
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