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I have degrees in mathematics, science, and education from the University of Toronto. My son is a PhD candidate in computer science at Oxford University.

By combining my 40-years of market experience with my son's youthful computer science knowledge, we produce a uniquely ... more


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80% Correlation With SPX Local Top
Weekly, and 10-day MA of put:call ratio corresponds to local highs in the SPX.
Hedging And Senitment.
Sentiment can go either way in the short-term.
Money Funds And Recoveries
Money funds decrease during true market recoveries.
Gold: The Early-winter-to-late-summer Pattern
Gold and bond pattern.
Stocks-to-Bonds Ratio Collapse
Stocks-to-bonds ratio drops to lowest the value since December 2018.
The Tariffs Won't Happen.
The tariffs on $300B of Chinese will never be implement, just like tariffs on Mexico were never implemented.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts