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I have degrees in mathematics, science, and education from the University of Toronto. I produce a uniquely independent analysis of the markets, focusing on investor sentiment and the application of MMT. To invest, is to bet on the future and our service informs our members of which future is the ...more


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80% Correlation With SPX Local Top
Weekly, and 10-day MA of put:call ratio corresponds to local highs in the SPX.
Hedging And Senitment.
Sentiment can go either way in the short-term.
Money Funds And Recoveries
Money funds decrease during true market recoveries.
Gold: The Early-winter-to-late-summer Pattern
Gold and bond pattern.
Stocks-to-Bonds Ratio Collapse
Stocks-to-bonds ratio drops to lowest the value since December 2018.
The Tariffs Won't Happen.
The tariffs on $300B of Chinese will never be implement, just like tariffs on Mexico were never implemented.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts