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I have degrees in mathematics, science, and education from the University of Toronto. My son is a PhD candidate in computer science at Oxford University.

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Fund Flows, Climate, And The Existential Bet
Fighting the inevitable climate changes that will be in our future requires money and the capitalistic system. It also requires the debunking of the "debt" myth.
E Giant Bulls Are Born Big
Just because the stock market is at a relatively high level, it does not mean it can't go higher. The current situation is very similar to the 1990s.
Profit From The Electric Car Revolution With Suppliers
There is an absolute treasure-trove of companies that supply Tesla and other major electric car manufacturers that investors have failed to appreciate.
What Happens To The Economy And The Stock Market If The Democrats Win?
The majority rhetoric among those in the investing community, is the prediction of economic and stock market doom should Trump lose the election. In this peace, we show that the historical facts say otherwise.
Exuberance?... What Exuberance?
Despite all the warnings of the market being 'exuberant' and on the verge of a major top, there is evidence that the exact opposite situation may be in play; we are at the start of a major bubble, not the end.
Despite What Everyone Is Saying, Breadth Has Done Better Than Price
The advance-decline line drops proportionally more than the SPX during bear markets, but not this time.
Indications Of A Bottom
High yield spread, unemployment in relation to the 10y rate and the SPX are implying the bottom is in.
E One Market, Two Different Sentiments
Fear is present in today's market, but it is unevenly distributed; there is a divergence between the AAII survey, and both the put:call ratios and Robinhood data. This may imply short-term market weakness.
A Tale Of Two Sentiments
One way of measuring market sentiment shows fear, another another fear of missing out.
Individual Investor Sentiment Has Not Capitulated
Individual investors continue to be overly bullish. This implies further downside for the market.
What Bank Credit And The SOMA Can Tell Us About The Stock Market Today
The SOMA and bank credit are reacting in the same way to the alien virus as they did to the 2008 financial crisis. If this similarity continues going forward, we should expect lower lows in the stock market.
30% Of GDP In Deficit Spending Is Required For A Quick Recovery
A recession is unavoidable at this point. How quickly we start to recover from the downturn will depend on the level of deficit spending by the US government.
Lots Of Records, But Show Me The Money
The markets are technically over-sold, but without fiscal support from the monetary sovereigns, there will be a demand collapse.
Put-To-Call Ratios And A Once-In-A-Generation-Bubble
Are we on the verge of another once-in-a-generation technological bubble?
Only The Fifth Time In 30-Years
A rare cross-over in the options ratio correlates with long-lived market rallies.
The Seasonal Weakness In Bank Credit Is Normal
Some analysts are concluding that the weakness in bank credit is the beginning of the end for the business cycle. We disagree.
1 to 16 of 42 Posts
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