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Two Pins Threatening Multiple Asset Bubbles, Part II
The Fed did not understand the escalating level of financial instability leading to the Great Depression, Dot-Com bust (2000), Financial Crisis (2008), and other more minor financial crises. Do you think they will this time?
EC Two Pins Threatening Multiple Asset Bubbles
The Fed’s contribution to wealth inequality is significant and grossly misunderstood.
Taper Is Coming: Got Bonds?
The solid economic recovery and easing of COVID restrictions lead us to believe a tapering of QE may not be far off. Further supporting our opinion, inflation has fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels, and employment is improving rapidly.
Foreseeing The “Flation” Knuckleball & Investor Implications
There is a home-run trade in the making if you get the “flation” trade right and the market is wrong on its outlook. Like hitting an erratic knuckleball, locating such a fat pitch is extremely difficult but very rewarding.
Noah Didn’t Yield To FOMO, Neither Should You
TINA is another popular acronym – “There Is No Alternative.” Despite popular logic today, there are alternatives to blindly employing passive strategies that will fully partake in the upside but leave investors facing significant downside risks.
The Battle Royale: Stocks Vs. Bonds (Which Is Right?)
The S&P 500 is at valuations higher than those in 1929 and rival those of 1999. The index is 25% above where it was trading before the pandemic. The equity stampede is undoubtedly bullish about corporate earnings and economic growth.
Are You Playing Roulette With Your Retirement?
In almost all cases, aversion to risk should increase with age. The problem is that target funds do not assess risk, just your supposed tolerance to risk.
Inflation: Making The Complex, Simple – Part 2
Inflation, measured as the aggregate prices of all goods and services, is a function of the supply of money and its velocity.
Inflation: Making The Complex, Simple - Part 1
Whether we are approaching an inflationary or deflationary environment, being a step ahead of the market's thinking is critical to investment success.
Zen And The Art Of Risk Management
Growing wealth occurs over a long time horizon, including many bullish and bearish market cycles. While making the most out of bull markets is important, it is equally important to avoid letting the inevitable bear markets reverse your progress.
Willful Blindness, Societal Rift & Death Of The Dollar
Monetary policy has been a primary driver of wealth inequality. Current monetary policy employs low-interest rates and spurs price inflation to drive temporary economic activity and goose asset prices.
What Interest Rate Triggers The Next Crisis?
Like every other time rates rose “too much,” a crisis will occur if rates keep increasing. It seems the only question is when the Fed will come running to the rescue as they always do.
EC It’s Time To Do The Twist Again
Given the Fed’s bloated balance sheet, it’s just a matter of time before higher yields prompt the Fed to do the Twist.
Is Plinko The Best The Fed Can Do?
When COVID shut down the economy, the Fed immediately doled out massive amounts of monetary stimulus. In the first two months of the crisis, the Fed bought nearly $3 trillion of assets via QE.
EC Will “Go Crazy” Drive The Bear Out Of Hibernation?
The economy will “go crazy” this summer.” There is not a day that goes by in which we do not hear an economic forecast with an extreme optimism based on pent-up demand.
Bye Bye Brokers, Hello Blockchain Technology
The Game Stop shenanigans are another reminder of the systematic risks lurking in the financial markets. Equally important, the incident highlights how certain players prevent markets from running more efficiently.
1 to 16 of 257 Posts
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