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Will Powell Pivot? Don’t Count On It
Stocks are rallying on hopes that Jerome Powell and the Fed will stop increasing interest rates this fall, pivot, and start reducing them next year.
Persistent Inflation Scares The Fed
The Fed is in the driver’s seat, and its reaction to inflation will dictate market returns.
Inflation Or Recession, Which Concern Is Driving The Market?
Investors paying attention to the Fed and the market’s take on the Fed will be best situated to withstand what could be a volatile second half of the year.
Liquidity And Valuations – The Cornerstones Of Investing
Valuations help investors gauge the potential downside risk and upside potential in a stock or market, as well assessing liquidity conditions, including technical analysis, defining short-term trends, and helping with timing and asset selection.
Japan And Europe – The Trolley Car Problem
While the situations in the U.S., Europe, and Japan are different, all three areas are paying the price for years of fiscal and monetary tomfoolery.
The Trolley Car Problem - The Fed’s Predicament
An unstoppable trolley car is barreling down the track. As the switchman, you stand at the junction where the track branches into two and you must choose which path the trolley will follow. Unfortunately, people are tied to both tracks...
Don’t Fight The Fed
Don’t fight the Fed and short stocks when the Fed is providing liquidity. Equally important and pertinent to today, don’t fight the Fed by aggressively buying stocks when the Fed is pulling liquidity from markets.
Are Financial And Market Instability The Last Hopes For Stocks
The Federal Reserve’s Congressionally chartered dual mandates are price stability and maximum sustainable employment.
The Consumer Is Getting Squeezed
Consumers are being squeezed by negative real wage growth and inflation at 40-year highs. As a result, consumer sentiment is declining, and personal consumption habits are changing as people struggle to help make ends meet.
Bear Stearns: A Lesson In Bear Market Bounces
On Sunday, March 16, 2008, Bear Stearns was bought by JPM, with support and financial guarantees from the Fed, for $2 a share.
Clorox Stock- Anything But A Value Stock
CLX had a nice run during the height of the pandemic as bleach was in high demand. After a 60% surge, it gradually erased the gains and is back to similar levels as two years ago.
Liquidity And Volatility - Decoding Market Jargon
With volatility spiking and the Fed removing liquidity, we think it is an excellent time to discuss the two terms and their dependency on each other.
Japanese Inflation - Liquidity Crisis In The Making Part II
While many central bankers are anxiously waging war against inflation, the Japanese are egging it on. Over the last few weeks, the BOJ has offered to buy as many 10-year notes at 0.25% as the market will offer them. 
Liquidity Crisis In The Making- Japan’s Role In Financial Stability Part I
The excessive liquidity spewed by the BOJ grossly distorted asset and interest rate markets in Japan and provided liquidity to the world.
Inflation And The Fed. A New Dance Partner To Contend With
The Federal Reserve, bond markets, and economic cycles have been dancing in a well-choreographed fashion for the last 30 years.
Gold Or Rubles? A Pickle Worth Exploring
The seizing of Russian foreign reserves and eliminating access to SWIFT is leading Russia and other countries to reassess the role of dollars in global trade. Today, there are likely quite a few central bankers asking - Dollars, Gold, or Rubles?
1 to 16 of 366 Posts
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