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As a strategic investment consultant, 720 Global focuses on enabling our clients, professional investment managers, to raise their quality of service and increase profitability. Our services provide you with expertise in capital markets, macroeconomic research and analysis, asset allocation, ... more


In The Fed We Trust
The correct definitions of currency and money are crucial to our understanding of an economy, investing and just as importantly, the social fabric of a nation.
Inflation: The Fed’s False Flag
Looking at the ebbs and flows of inflation and inflation expectations of the last three years, we see no consistent change in the trend. As for the dreaded fear of deflation, the United States has not experienced it since the Great Depression.
A Fly In The Ointment
Many investors assume that, if the equity markets decline in a meaningful way, the Federal Reserve (Fed) will once again spring into action to halt the decline.
The Bankers Vig And The Price We Pay: The Economic Cost Of Repealing Glass-Steagall
When banks take a bigger share of the economic pie, labor, investment activity, corporations and shareholders suffer.
The Fed’s Body Count
What if the Fed had goals that really mattered like productivity and prosperity metrics that offer a genuine gauge of the health of the nation?
Trying To Be Consistently "Not Stupid"
The economic cycle appears to be in the midst of a transition. This surprisingly long expansion will eventually end as all others have. A recession is out there, and it will make an appearance.




Michael Lebowitz
StockBoardAsset back to '08... another sign of a booming economy.
Michael Lebowitz
UPFINAcom Than raise rates and lets not have trillion dollar deficits. The economy is fake. Growth is increasingly… more
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Founding Partner
720 Global
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A strategic investment consultant, serving professional investment managers. Our services provide expertise in capital markets, macroeconomic research and analysis, asset allocation, valuation and risk management.

Innovation Angel Card
2014 - Present (5 years 5 months)

Merging credit card financing and medical innovation. "Doing well while doing good"

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Absolute Invesment Management
January 2009 - March 2014 (5 years 3 months)

Absolute Invesment Management is an investment advisor focused on a better approach to money management for individuals. We believe in strategies that encompass a wide range of asset classes and are based on macro/global views.


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