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The COVID19 Tripwire
We are facing a new world order of DE-globalization. Supply chains will be fractured and re-oriented. Products will cost more as a result. Inflation will rise.
Why QE Is Not Working
Are Fed actions making headway on filling the hole, or is the hole growing faster than the Fed can shovel as a result of a tsunami of liquidity problems?
The Problem With Pragmatism… And Inflation
Inflation currently seems to be the very least of our worries. Impeachment, Iran, North Korea and climate change were all crisis head fakes. The Fed was also distracted by what amounted to financial dumpster fires in the fall of 2019.
March Madness: Having A Process For A Winning Outcome
We are coming upon that time of year when the markets play second fiddle to debates about which twelve seed could be this year’s Cinderella in the NCAA basketball tournament.
A Black Swan In The Ointment
Inflation is the one thing that prevents the Fed and other central banks from supporting the economy and markets in the way they have become accustomed.
Our Triple-C Rated Economy: Complacency, Contradictions, And Corona
There are plenty of uncertainties in the world. Individuals have the decision-making ability to evaluate those uncertainties and the risks they pose.
Digging For Value In A Pile Of Manure
If one is seeking fixed income credit exposure, they are better served to shift their asset allocation to a heavier weighting of MBS as opposed to investment-grade corporate bonds.
Why "Not-QE" Is QE: Deciphering Gibberish
Imagine if Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell told the American people they must pay more for the goods and services they consume.
Jerome Powell & The Fed’s Great Betrayal
Those engaging in speculative ventures with the benefit of cheap borrowing costs are thriving. Those whose livelihood and wealth are dependent on a paycheck are falling behind.
HH Maybe This Time Is Different?
Today, with valuations as stretched as they were in 1929 and 1999, the calls for a lengthy continuation of the current bull market are growing to a crescendo.
EC Yeah… But
Is it any wonder that risk assets have zoomed higher over the last five years despite tepid economic growth and flat corporate earnings?
Investing Versus Speculating
Value investing is an active management strategy that considers company fundamentals and the valuation of securities to acquire that which is undervalued.
What We Are Not Being Told About The Trade Deal
From the onset of negotiations, the China-US trade war has been tough to handicap. China has a lot to lose if they give in to Trump’s demands. Trump has leverage as a tariff war hits China’s economy harder than the U.S. economy.
When It Becomes Serious You Have To Lie: Update On The Repo Fiasco
Almost three months after water stains first appeared in the overnight funding markets, the Fed has stepped in on a daily basis to “re-paint the ceiling” and the problem has appeared to vanish.
Beware Of Those Selling "Technology"
Over the past several years, we have seen an unprecedented move among companies to characterize themselves as technology companies.
Absurdity Spewed From Market Peaks
There is a time to invest heavily in stocks and a time to scale back on stock holdings and take less risk. It is all too popular for market gurus, especially at market peaks when complacency is the highest, to preach about buy and hold strategies.
1 to 16 of 199 Posts
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