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CBDC - Navigating Pros And Cons To Ease Apprehensions
With technology comes fear. The traceability and expanded government powers that accompany CBDC are alarming.
Headwinds To Lower Bond Yields
Long-term Treasury bonds are an excellent investment at current yield levels. However, timing the purchase of bonds will prove difficult as numerous headwinds may temporarily impede their path lower in yield.
Risk And Return Imaging
Visualizing risk and return profiles in different market environments and monetary policy stances.
Bank Stocks: Do The Rewards Warrant The Risk?
Investing is always a risk-reward proposition. Almost any risk is worth taking but only at the right price. 
Four Reasons The Dollar Is Here To Stay- Part II
The four reasons, the rule of law, liquid financial markets, and economic and military might, all but guarantee the death of the dollar will not occur anytime soon. 
The Dollars Death, Not So Fast
The old saying goes that the U.S. dollar is the cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry. Once again, talk of the dollar’s death will likely be proven false.
Bills, Notes Or Bonds?
While the Fed is an important variable in the performance of all bills, notes, and bonds, its actions significantly impact shorter-term bills and have less influence on longer-term notes and bonds.
A Federal Reserve Pivot Is Not Bullish
The Federal Reserve is outspoken about its desire to get inflation to its 2% target. If they were to pivot by as much and as soon as the market predicts, something has broken.
Phase Two Of The Fed Follies
Stocks may rally in the coming weeks or months as it appears the banking crisis is over, and the Fed is set to pause and pivot. We offer caution; this may be the calm before the recession.
Aftershock Life After Silicon Valley Bank
While headlines of bank failures and bailouts consume the media, few are contemplating the economic and financial aftershocks that will follow.
Speak Loudly Because You Carry A Small Stick
The big question facing the Fed is whether they should increase the Fed Funds rate by 25bps or 50bps on March 22, 2023.
The No Landing Scenario And UFOs
Unlike a soft landing that envisions the Fed action’s dampening economic growth, the no landing scenario believes the economy will continue to grow at or above the trend growth rate.
Gold Investors Are Betting On The Fed
By owning gold, investors are not necessarily hedging against a government default but ironically betting the Fed will increasingly misuse monetary policy to help the government avoid defaulting.
Janet Yellen Should Focus On HOPE
HOPE is an acronym describing the lags and the sequence in which economic activity typically weakens before a recession.
Soft Landing Or Recession?
To better appreciate what a recession is and how we can better track the odds of a recession, we lean on the arbiter of recessions, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).
Turmoil Lurks Around The Corner
Today, we are increasingly alarmed that another trading tool similar to portfolio insurance could set markets up for a bout of turmoil. 
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