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Bulls Remain In Charge As Rebound Continues
Futures are slightly lower this morning after two strong days of gains as bulls remain in charge but the rebound continues.
Stocks Rally As Fed Teases Taper
Stocks rally nearly 1% higher yesterday despite a surprisingly hawkish tone from Fed Chair Jerome Powell teasing taper.
When Will “Transitory Inflation” Overstay Its Welcome?
There has been much talk of “transitory inflation”, but the evidence is starting to suggest the term may overstay its welcome.
The Market Is Deeply Oversold And Looking For A “Dovish” Fed
The market is deeply oversold and looking for a “dovish” Fed to spark buying. Traders and investors will be laser-focused on the Fed meeting adjourning at 2 pm ET.
Stocks Bounce Off Hard Off The Lows Reclaiming Losses
Yesterday, stocks bounced hard off the lows reclaiming a chunk of earlier losses.
Markets Set To Drop As Fed “Taper” Approaches
Markets are set to drop this morning as the Fed “taper” announcement approaches.
Evergrande - Why Most Analysis Is Dead In The Water
There is a lot more to the failure of China’s Evergrande company than meets the eye. For the last year, China has been taking steps to curb speculation and promote economic productivity.
A Financial Crisis Is Brewing In China. Will It Spread?
Evergrande, a Chinese company with over $300 billion in debt, is failing. Will it get bailed out, and if so how? While investors focus on the nuts and bolts of Evergrande, we sense a financial crisis of sorts is brewing in China.
Investors Show Up To “BTFD.” Will It Stick?
Unlike prior BTFD’s in the last few months, equity markets are opening slightly lower, and foreign markets are not jumping on the BTFD bandwagon.
Should Investors “BTFD” The Crucial 50-DMA?
Should investors “BTFD” with the market near the 50-day moving average (DMA)? As we wrote yesterday, the 50-dma has been a great level to buy the dip.
The Fed Speaks Loudly And Carries A Feather
Most investors agree delaying tapering is good for the market. Conversely, removing liquidity via tapering, given such high valuations, portends risks.
Time To “Buy The Dip” & Bitcoin’s “Golden Cross”
Is it time to “Buy The Dip?” The S&P 500 broke its five-day losing streak, as it rose .25% on Monday to 4470, 1.00% above its 50-day moving average.
November Taper-Trial Balloon Or Reality?
Equities are clawing back Friday’s losses despite weekend rumors that corporate and capital gains taxes may rise under a new Biden proposal.
Are Labor Shortages Stoking Inflation Fears At The Fed?
The Fed’s Beige Book, on the heels of a new record number of job openings, seems to be stoking inflation concerns at the Fed.
Why The Insatiable Demand For U.S. Treasury Notes?
Utilities ran away with first place yesterday rising over 1% despite the S&P being slightly lower. Is the recent bout of strong demand for longer-term Treasury auctions and flight to utilities a message from Mr. Market?
BLS’ Housing Inflation Measure Is Hypothetical Nonsense
Looking at historical BLS data, it appears Shelter prices will not change markedly from current levels.
1 to 16 of 294 Posts
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