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This is a list of stocks that are trading at a great value based on their growth prospects and their current price. There are many stocks that trade at a great value at different times, but this list only includes stocks that could reasonably increase 100% in under 2 years.

This list includes stocks I like the look of right now (or getting very close). Therefore, a purchase price and target are provided. Historical trades are listed at the bottom of the page, with the most recent trades listed in the table below.

When major stock indices are pulling back there tend to be more stocks on the list. The longer and higher indices run typically means fewer names on the list since there are fewer bargains to be had as stocks, in general, become more expensive.

Great Value Stocks to Buy Now (100%+) Upside – March 25

Ticker Company
P/E Forward
P/E Range
WNS WNS Holdings 15.8 11.3 15.6 to 42.3 Not
$55 estimate
$115 to $135
(25 to 30 x $4.58)
PYPL PayPal Holdings 16.9 12.6 14.1 to 133 $60 to $68 $150
(30 x $5.13)
CNC Centene 15.6 10.1 14.1 to 71.7 $75 to $78 $150
(20 x $7.6)

Entries and targets are estimated. Since these are longer-term trades I may scale into and out of positions, and over the course of the trades new data (such as earnings and earnings expectations) are updated which may affect how I choose to exit the trade. I make note of such updates in the historic trades section. Overall market conditions may also play a role when I exit (when the major indices turn down, pretty much everything drops. Buy it back at a lower price).

These trades may not move up. Please determine how and when you will exit if the price drops after entry. Set your risk limit and stay within it. I don’t have a set stop loss on these trades because new data continually emerges over a long-term trade. That said, if the price is dropping below my entry point I will often exit and re-enter.

The video below discusses more details about each of these stocks: WNS, PYPL, and CNC.

Video Length: 00:29:43

How the Great Value Stocks Are Found

This is little complex and involves weighing many different criteria. Here are the basic things I am looking for.

  • Stock is trading at less than half of (common P/E x Next Year’s EPS expectation).
  • Fairly steady yearly EPS growth over last 5 to 10 years. A one-year dip is ok, but want EPS to recover quickly.
  • 9% or greater historical and expected EPS growth (5-year).
  • A, B, and C financial health rating only.
  • Only profitable years in the last five years.
  • Sales have been increasing by at least 7% per year over the last five years
  • Shareholder yield isn’t negative (company isn’t issuing new shares)
  • Highly speculative industries such as Biotech are not included in my initial scan, nor are highly cyclical industries such as Energy and Basic Materials.

Stocks get cheap, and then I want to wait until they start turning higher before I buy. This helps avoid stocks that get cheaper and cheaper and never go up.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is personal investment advice, or advice to buy or sell anything. Trading is risky and can result in substantial losses, even more than deposited if using ...

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