Do You Trust Your Portfolio To Outperform The Market?

Chances are you have not heard of the Trust 200 Index. It's based on a proprietary framework called FACTS, measuring and ranking America's Most Trustworthy Public Companies. When we built this framework over ten years ago we were advised that a ten year tracked record was required before serious consideration could be given to the model. Achieving a higher return than SPY with lower risk provides the investment community with an opportunity to lower risk without sacrificing returns. And perhaps even more important, it rewards companies who proactively lead with trust.” *Read more about the methodology below.

Index One, a global back testing and index creation firm based in London built the Trust 200 Index in 2022. According to Index One, this is the performance of the Trust 200 over 12+ years.

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*Methodology: Ten years ago Trust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TAW) constructed a model to evaluate the trustworthiness of public companies, incorporating quantifiable metrics and data and named it the FACTS® Framework, an acronym that includes five drivers or indicators of trustworthy business behavior. They are:

  • Financial stability
  • Accounting conservativeness
  • Corporate governance
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability

Using our FACTS® Framework TAA-TAW quantitatively screens 1500+ of the largest US public companies based on publicly available data. The companies do not participate in the analysis, nor are any internal assessments or surveys completed. Understanding that no company is perfect, TAA-TAW can identify the “best of the best” in trust.

More information on TAA-TAW can be found at or via email at

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Disclaimer: Data provided by Index One, London.

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