Bad Is Not The New Good

S&P 500 continued succumbing to rising yields, breaking with ease the 4,492 support, and then rebounding off the mid 4,460s – the Nasdaq bounce taking much else alongside, was a bit too steep, and not reflecting the earnings prospects to put it mildly (which is of course an intraday remark into a larger medium-term reckoning).

Likewise the fact that still solid consumer spending is the result of both almost fully depleted excess savings and the current savings rate dip to merely 3.5%. Add in stubborn inflation expectations, the gap between core and headline inflation to be resolved by again rising headline CPI, and still relatively solid job market, all of which goes to highlight more tightening needs, and rising rates reflect that. 10y yield has still a way to go (in time) before declining – and if not earlier, then the Sep FOMC with no hike, would do the job of bringing yields down.

Besides, housing is getting concerning, and JOLTS sign of the times (let‘s remember not only dismal current but also) last month‘s data had been revised down by 417,000 and that‘s the largest revision ever.

Needless to say, the short ES bets are working fine in both swing and intraday trading services for clients. Thanks and enjoy – I‘m opening today‘s analysis exceptionally for all!


S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook

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S&P 500 and Nasdaq

4,462 wouldn‘t be beaten today – the back and forth grind lowr, goes on Today‘s session would go mostly in one direction, and I would look at 4,432 target with comfort. In the Intraday Signals channel and on Twitter, I‘ll cover more sectoral perspectives as we go – bears have the reins clearly today.


Gold, Silver and Miners

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gold, silver and miners

Time for an early bid to emerge – relatively from nowhere. The stock market woes may help with some safe haven buying of gold, and keep long end of the curve in check. Watching for a bottom forming – if true, that would be very bullish that it happens in low $1,940s already. Silver is though to be still lagging for now behind gold.


Crude Oil

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crude oil

Crude oil is to consolidate next, aand sellers haven‘t yet arrived, but would probably achieve sideways to a little down move in prices at best. Supply driven resilience to monetary policy.

Copper already visited my Sat worst case target of $3.77, and doesn‘t look settled yet. Together with silver, would lag behind gold in this QT focus environment.

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