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Highway Sign - Future - Back To The FutureIn our recent article, How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do?, Urs Vrijhof-Drose remarked:

“Asia and Russia have a problem with the USD being the global reserve currency. …. We believe that this ongoing depreciation of the USD will continue….”

Charles F., a subscriber to both Chuck Butler’s Daily Pfennig and our letter, sent us a challenge:

“I am 78 & ok in retirement with status quo. What’s the odds that remains? Your interview spurred an idea for a future blog.

Describe life in the US 5 years into the loss of our currency reserve status. Winner, Losers, what does gov’t look like on different levels, our position in the world, let your imagination run wild. When I do this my thinking quickly turns to mush.

Good luck Mr. Phelps, should you decide to attempt this mission, your position in the blogger's hall of fame will escalate dramatically.”

It’s a doggone good question. Many of us are holding our own today, not sure what tomorrow brings; particularly if the USD loses world reserve currency status and inflation takes off.

Chuck’s initial reaction:
Delorian from Back to the Future Film“Remember the movie Back to the Future II? It was a storyline about Biff, the town bully in his youth…. Old Biff (1985) stole the time-traveling DeLorean and made one trip back to 1955. He gave the 1985 Sports Almanac to his younger self, in the hopes of improving his life.

Sure enough, young Biff made lots of money betting on sports games because he already knew the outcome.

How would you like to have an investment almanac dated five years from now; knowing where to invest for a sure-fire profit?

Charles F. wants us to get in touch with our older self and describe what life will be like when the USD loses its reserve currency status and learn what separated winners and losers.

If we knew that for sure, we would be in the investor’s hall of fame next to other trillionaires. We can look at history, blend in common sense and experience and give readers our best shot.

How far do you want to go down that deep rabbit hole?”


We are about to find out!

We will break the interview into two parts.

Part 1, what will things look like; winners and losers.

Part 2, focus on how we are preparing to stay afloat and come away, winners…

DENNIS: My head is spinning, much to think about.

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