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Tesla Is Going To Embarrass Warren Buffett
Article By: Chad Shoop
Monday, October 9, 2017 2:45 PM EST
If you typically follow Buffett’s investments, Pilot Flying J is one you should pass on. To me, he is clearly going against one of his investing rules — never buy a stock you are not comfortable owning for 10 years.
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Investing In One Sucker Yield REIT Can Sink The Fleet
Article By: Brad Thomas
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 4:42 AM EST
GOV owns 71 properties containing 10.7 million square feet in 31 states and Washington, DC. GOV's tenants include U.S. Government (38 agencies), 12 state governments (32 agencies) and the United Nations.
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Tesla Is Going To Embarrass Warren Buffett
David B. Johnson 10/9/2017 9:13:18 PM

Innovations are being made in this space all the time. I recently read an article about plans to build roads which will actually charge #ElectricVehicles as they drive on them. That could happen sooner than you think, and if so, charging stations will be completely superfluous. And #Buffett will have made one of his rare mistakes. $TA $BRK-B

Tesla Is Going To Embarrass Warren Buffett
Harry Goldstein 10/9/2017 7:29:41 PM

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss #Buffett's pick. Could be that he knows something we don't. He's certainly right more often than he's wrong! $TA $BRK-B

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