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Asia Is Bonding, Opposite Of Trump's Hope
5 years ago

The U.S. does not think about the long term, but only about having every country bow to its wishes and maintaining and growing its empire and domination. You don't make friends by bullying (including economic sanctions and outright military force) countries that are not looking to be your enemy ( ala Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Libya). To quote the title of a Noam Chomsky book on the USA, "What We Say Goes". That is the extent of U.S. foreign policy thinking.

Is The USA Too Weak To Let China Succeed?
5 years ago

I generally agree about your critique of the USA, but it started long before Trump. The U.S. empire now contains over 900 military bases around the world in 70% of the countries. U.S. foreign policy is controlled by the war profiteers who have bought off the politicians and promise and provide cooperative generals with high paying jobs after they leave military service. Obama/Hillary focused on destroying Russia, Syria and Libya while Trump has simply switched focus to Iran, Venezuela and China although the military industrial complex (and their friends in the media and intelligence agencies) will not allow him to better relations with Russia. The U.S. needs to demonize foreign countries to create a justification for a huge military budget when in fact none of these countries are threatening us. As bad as Trump is, it is a mistake to put this all on him. Obama dropped more bombs than Bush and spread the U.S. wars from 2 to several - adding Yemen, Syria, Libya while drone bombing other countries as well. Yes, it seems the U.S. would rather take down the whole world than let countries develop and improve the lives of their people.

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The Fed Is Facing Two Bubbles… And It Can Only Save One
5 years ago

So how do you suggest investors put money to work given your thesis?

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Facebook, Shame And Profits: The Long Thesis
5 years ago

This is simply my personal experience, but after some time I found Facebook to be a very tiresome place to go. But mainly I wonder about the possibility of boycotts from the left and right for Facebook censoring their speech and deciding what is truth and what is fiction. I understand the government is pressuring them into doing this, but I think it is very troublesome from a free speech point of view. Who are they to decide which opinions are valid and which are not? My feeling that Facebook is tiresome has turned into one of loathing the sight. Personally, I am no longer an active user. I believe their hope resides in their other applications.

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Nike's Kaepernick Ad Has Cost The Company Over $3 Billion So Far
5 years ago

I will now consider buying Nike for the first time.

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