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Lite-Er And Lite-Er
11 months ago

So glad I did not buy into this #crypto craze!

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Believes Bitcoin Is The Future
1 year ago

Normally I would say I wouldn't trust Jack Dorsey's opinions on most things, but he's probably correct about #Bitcoin.

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BiondVax And European UNISEC Consortium To Host Universal Flu Vaccine Conference
1 year ago

Looks good. I recently started following $BVXV

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Reasons To Be Cheerful – There’s Three
1 year ago

But didn't #bitcoin fall by roughly the same amount the day before?

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Bitcoin Surges Back Above $8500 As Goldman Doubts Cryptocurrency Survival
1 year ago

I had seen Christopher Giancarlo's comments about #bitcoin at the Congressional Committee meeting and was very impressed by them.

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The North Korea Quagmire: Part 1, A Contest Of Colonialism And Communism
1 year ago

Raymond Matison, you may not be an expert on North or South Korea, but you certainly come across as one!

What Bitcoin’s Recent Wild Stretch Means For Other Cryptocurrencies
1 year ago

Thank you Nathan Feifel. While I find #bitcoin and #cryptocurrencies intriguing, I've always found them somewhat confusing. Thanks for clarifying for us older folk.

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Susan Miller Commented on It Is Time To Sell Real Estates:

I would caution that house flipping isn't as easy as this author makes it seem. There are a lot of variables and unforseen costs at play,

Susan Miller Commented on Finally A Real Cancer Diagnosis Breakthrough?:

As a socially responsible investor, this company is very appealing. $TOMDF

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