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Investing Lessons From House Of Cards’ President Underwood
4 years ago

I am a huge fan of the show and actually thought Underwood's solution to unemployment was pretty intriguing. I agree there are too many entitlements, and rather than paying people welfare to sit home and do nothing, we should use that money towards employing them and empowering them to better themselves.

But the one area I was trouble was Social Security. People who have been working for years and paid into social security with every paycheck ARE not only entitled to that money upon retirement, but could be dependent on that money as their only source of income. Reappropriating that money was outright theft and is just a case of stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Stuck On GLUU
4 years ago

Wondering the same thing.

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Valeant Edges Up 15% After Announcing That It Will Acquire Salix
4 years ago

Thanks for the news update. But what's your personal take on this deal?

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If You Like Feral Cats You’ll Love Compound Interest
4 years ago

What an excellent way to illustrate a complex concept. And those really are the cutest kittens ever!

GTX: This Wearable Tech Company Could Deliver 6X Short-Term Returns
4 years ago

Very thorough article. I've had my eyes on GTX for a while but this is the first authoritative analysis I've found of the stock.

The Apple Watch Will Be A Flop: Here’s Why Apple Doesn’t Care
4 years ago

Wish Apple would sort out its problems with icloud firs.

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Apple Spending $2 Billion On European Data Centers
4 years ago

Not so far fetched. Some companies have specifically stated that this was in fact the reason they were moving data centers to Europe. So why wouldn't Apple follow suite?

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10 Tips To Save Money Like Warren Buffett
4 years ago

So simple yet so true! Nice post.

Dear Harry Dent: Wanna Bet?
4 years ago

While you make some good points, I'm a fan of Harry Dent's and noticed he is a TalkMarkets contributor as well. I wonder what his reaction to this article will be. Would like to hear his rebuttal.

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2 More Triple Digit Winners In Biotech
4 years ago

I'm not finding independent info on Seth Klarmans position in Mast mentioned in this research blog post. Anyone finding this?

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