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Will You Be Alive When We Run Out Of Oil?
6 years ago

The problem with your "CO2 Global Warming Myth", is it's very propagandized ignorance. You deniers are also so very, very arrogant! You're ignoring particulates, heat energy, deep-ocean absorption, methane, ocean Ph changes, salinity, albedo, ice and glacier coverage of BOTH land and water, mass vegetation changes, weather pattern changes, release of previously trapped hydrocarbons in permafrost, etc.,etc.,etc.,.. Already, with heat and particulates, we're seeing larger, longer, wetter extreme rain events. Ironically, major rain events may even *seem* to become less frequent. The other problem you deniers have is that your bleeding-heart libtard opponents are EVEN STUPIDER. You're ALL tools of the GREG B.'s - the Global Ruling Elites, and Global Banksters. (The real, *REAL* secret behind so-called "AGW" is Global economic, political, and social control....) Just sayin'....

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